MHL: A simple lesson in rules and regulations

Rules and regulations are created for a reason.

But when some people, especially those from the media do not understand the rules, then they seriously have to ask themselves their whole involvement in sports reporting.

One of the most important virtues of a sports journalist is to report facts, as they are, and let readers or viewers make their own conclusions.

Since the issue is hot on the Hockademy matter, with a decision to be announced at the Press Conference on Thursday, let’s give a lesson on rules as for eligibility of clubs to participate in the MHL.


5.1 The tournament is open to all clubs that are affiliated to the affiliates of the MHC and * invited foreign club teams.

Such clubs should be properly constituted bodies, registered with the Registrar of Societies.

In the case of Employer Clubs, they should be registered with the Registrar of Companies. The tournament is also open to all colleges and universities.

* Exempted from clause 5.1

5.2 Teams that have consented to participate must not be in arrears of dues to the MHC.

Now playing with the term Employer Club.

What employer club means in definition is clubs not registered with the Sports Commissioner Office

This rule has been there from day 1 of the MHL in 1997.

All clubs that participated were registered with their respective sports clubs.

For instance there was Kelab Kilat ( later TNB), Kelab Sukan Maybank, Kelab Sukan Pelabuhan Johor ( JPA) Kelab Sukan Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh, Kelab Sukan DBKL.

So if one understands the rule properly, there will not be an attempt to twist it.

The exception of Registrar of Societies was provided for after the introduction of the Sports Development Act 1997, which was enforced in 1998.

Many clubs at that time were employer clubs registered with Registrar of Societies in the 1966 Act as their parent company came under the purview of Registrar of Companies.

Now the first question that needs to be answered is as to who signed the eligibility forms of Maybank, UniKL and TNB?

If it was signed by an official from KL Hockey Association, then let KLHA release their list of registered affiliates.

If these three clubs are not registered with KLHA, then documentation out to be provided as to who they were registered with.

Checks with a former KLHA official confirmed that these clubs were no longer their affiliates for many years.

The national body leaves the verification of the affiliation with their respective state Hockey Associations who in turn are affiliates to the parent body.

So if Hockademy has not fulfilled the requirement, then they should never have been accepted in the first place during registration.

And another interesting poser will soon appear with the Junior League closing of entries

The confirmation of affiliation must come from the state HA or in the case of schools the State Education Department.

So since SSTMI Thunderbolt is not a legally registered club, or are they affiliated to the Johor HA where they are based, so who signs for them?

Is it the Sports Division of the MOE?

If so then they have to certify of those studying in those schools are allowed to represent that school teams.

If not they fall under the club rule, where they must be properly constituted and registered.

Already the MHL is suffering, let’s not put another nail into it.

Let’s work together to revive the MHL, into its glory days.

And not let some have baked person out for personal fame ruin the party for the girls in the Hockademy.

Remember no one should be bigger then the sport and to err is human, to forgive divine.