MHL: Leaking pipes and hose brigade

The Tun Razak Stadium is leaking all over.

And major repairs need to be undertaken to restore the first hockey stadium in the country.

Built for the 1982 Junior World Cup, the grand old lady has played host to numerous domestic and international tournaments.

When photos of officials watering the pitch with ice buckets made its appearance, there was a quick rebuttal by a paper and ridicule of the netizens.

The Tournament Director was quoted as saying:

“ ‘The contractors spent half a day yesterday (Saturday) to repair it.

‘They even conducted a thorough test after that and the pipe worked fine.’

So if that was true, why was it again the “ hose brigade” .

However that was actually not the case as a stadium official had this to say with regards to the entire situation.

“ The main incoming water pipes were cracked that’s why we had issues last week. “ said stadium Chief Executive Officer Nik Razeen Daud.

“ Now that the pressure had been restored the pipes under the turf are leaking.

“ I have to apply for money to do a complete reinstallation of the sprinkler system.

“ That means turf replacement as well. “

And with that happening, the Tun Razak Stadium is expected to be closed soon.

But for the MHL, it’s best the matches be rescheduled to other venues.

Two teams, namely Uitm in the men’s and PDRM in the women’s league utilise Tun Razak as home venues.

Which brings to the question just what kind of inspections were conducted on the venues?

It all boils down to one thing – inexperience over facts.

When those in positions do not know between right and wrong, then the sport suffers.

The climb up the ladder is never easy, for trials and tribulations plenty.

Those left out of the system , through no fault of theirs could have provided the necessary experience and expertise.

But in the end the sport suffers as no one willing to stand up to truth and continue to live in fantasy,