MHL: What is there to celebrate?

As I sat in front of the TV on Sunday night watching the MHL final, it brought back nostalgic memories for me.

It was like going back to the 1990’s of the MHL, with two teams fighting it out for a silverware , the last for the season.

But after watching the match for the first two quarters or first half as it was then known, tears welled up in my eyes.

Here were two so called top teams of modern era, with a total of 12 national players plus eight foreign players playing in the final.

But frankly a match between Napoli HC and Segambut Sikhs ( no disrespect yo either team) was of a much higher quality in terms of skills, passion and ferocity on the pitch.

There was nothing much in this final to justify that we are a nation ranked 11 in the world.

And ten minutes after the final whistle I watched the Pro League match between India and Australia.

And if you compare the standard, it’s like the earth and sky.

I dare say it’s like watching a men’s and women’s game, that was the difference despite both being men’s finals.

Anyone in his right frame will acknowledge out Hockey standards have spiralled downwards, but some will claim it was a classic final.

One portal wrote that the winning team coach was in tears at his teams achievement.

Well, true Hockey lovers are in tears as to what our Hockey has come to.

But who cares right, let the fiction writers continue to keep the truth away by projecting positives when deep down inside even they know not an iota of truth is being written honestly.

God help our Hockey.