MHL: When drawing up fixtures is no schoolboy job

Following the release as of the fixtures for both the men and women of the 2020 season of the Malaysian Hockey League, there was bound to be many errors.


Simply because those who drew up the fixtures have no experience Nor do they look at the standard operating procedures and the law of economics as well as fair play.

And sadly those who sit in the Competitions Committee do not have the basic understanding on the importance of the fixtures, probably busy tucking into the curry puffs.

So a study was undertaken on the two set of fixtures released and these are the errors that were identified.

So realistically whoever drew up the fixtures and the Tournament Director have failed their first test.

Perhaps a trip to Tampin, to help you in lessons in drawing up fixtures, being fair and accommodative, or getting the right people into the right positions, could be a start.

If they care about the sport that is and not about egos and position.

Remember, no one, I repeat no one, is bigger then the sport.

So here goes ( but knowing how they operate, they will make the changes and never credit or just ignore and for pride retain the errors).


1. Charity shield match in NHS. UNIKL loses one home match
2. THT plays Nur Insafi in NHS on 15 January as home team. Loses one home game.
3. MN 15 THT plays UITM in NHS. Who is home team.  If THT is the home team, then they lose 1 home game
4. If UNIKL and THT plays the first game, then in the second round matches they play the last match. This is the norm but can be changed depending on situations
5. Why no matches on 19 jan
6. On 5 Feb THT play in SHBB, 7 feb Sg Petani and 9 Feb in UITM. This is unfair to them
7. NUR INSAFI play in KL on 5/2 SG PETANI on 7/2 , and 9/2 and back to KL on 12/2
8. Fixtures are not fair to THT as they have to travel to KL a few times. Why can they travel to KL and play a few games , say 3 games away and next four games home. In the second round this is reversed. The same applies to Nur Insafi.
9. Maybank plays their first 5 games home and then plays 2 games away in the first Round. In the second round , they play 5 games away first followed by 2 home games. Which means that they play 7 games in a row away.
10. We should play at least 2 leg SF and not one leg SF. If possible all teams play in the QF with fixtures according to FIH World league format. 

Those are observations for the men and below we move in to to women.



1. What is the necessity of playing the games on Tuesday and Saturday. With the men on Wed, Fri and Sunday . With these being working days and with matches starting at 5 . Do we have enough officials. Can the officials leave office at 3.30 to be in the stadium by 4.30 pm
2. Why is Sabah and Mutiara Impian allowed to play 5 games home in a row but not TLHT.  Why not allow Mutiara Impian and TLHT  to play 3 home games first followed by 2 away games.  We could help cut cost and time wasted on travelling.
3. MN 12 TLHT plays Mutiara Impian in NHS and they lose one home game 
4. Hoacademy is playing 4 away games in the first round and 1 home. In the second round it is 1 away and 4 home matches
5. We should play at least 2 leg SF and not one leg SF. If possible all teams play in the QF with the top two teams in women be given a bye to seme finals.
6. Why matches played on Monday 17 Feb. Imagine if TLHT qualifies for SF , they play their last game on Monday and travel to KL on Tuesday and then play SF on Wednesday. Is this fair?

Imagine all these flaws when drawing up fixtures for a 8 men and 6 women team competition.

Now you know why they refuse teams as they cannot do fixtures.

Imagine a 2 division MHL with 21 men and 13 women team!