MHL: Why only Hockademy….

Since the MHL Technical Committee is sitting down tomorrow to discuss the eligibility of Hockademy in the MHL, they also need to check the status of other teams as well.

It is said that the likes of UniKL, TNB and Maybank are not affiliates of KLHA as well.

For an entry to be submitted, the form must be signed honed by either the President or Secretary of the state hockey body where the club is affiliated.

While the focus is now solely on Hockademy, the Technical Committee should also seek confirmation as to who signed the forms for Maybank, TNB and UniKL.

Checks with some officials in KLHA confirmed that these three clubs are not their affiliates.

Which now brings into question their eligibility as well to participate in the MHL.

So be careful when you open a can of worms one could end up opening a pandora box instead.