MJHL: Creating history for wrong reasons

The Malaysian Junior Hockey League 2020 will surely create history.

But for the wrong reasons.

Entries will be called today and the closing date set for February 13.

Therefore giving teams barely 96 hours to decide if they want to be in or out!

And that is not all, for only 10 teams will be allowed into the First Division while another 10 into the Second Division.

Want more – well the team managers meeting is scheduled for February 16 and the MJHL scheduled to start on February 24, two days after the MHL ends.

And the rush job continues as the MJHL finals are scheduled for April 19, mind you a day after the prestigious Sultan Azlan Shah Cup!

And that is not all, should there be more then 10 teams in the MJHL, a qualifier will be held.

But amazing things seems to be the norm as two FIH qualified tournament directors were left on the wayside despite being called for a interview of sort session last Thursday – namely the experienced Col B. Muthukumar and Daljit Singh.

And in their place G. Vinod Anad was the chosen one,

The 10 teams that qualified to compete in the First Division are as follows;

SSTMI Thunderbolts

BJSS Thunderbolts

AHP-MSP Thunderbolts

MBPJ Tigers

Anderson Thunderbolts


SSMS Resilient

S SSTMI Juniors

KL Wipers

Sabah Juniors

The four teams that played in the single division league last season but did not finish in the top 10 will play in the second division. They are

MSNT – PH Terengganu

Young Lions Perlis


BJSS Junior’s

As for the women, only nine teams played last year, and all will play in the first division.

However it will be interesting to see if there are 6 new entries for the second division. So who will fill the remaining slot in the first division, toss of coin. Qualifier? All these are secrets of the dark side.

Anyway these are the nine eligible teams for the women’s first division.

MBPJ Black Widows

SSTMI – PKS Uniten

Mutiara Impian Penang


KL Wipers KLSS


SMSS Girls

Johor – PHJ Girls

Zaaba Girls

Now for the hard hitting questions that hopefully someone will answer.

Why the sudden rush to hold the MJHL?

The Competitions Committee was formed in December, so why was this a delayed reaction?

Why was the overall tournament calendar not given a careful thought?

Why were two experienced officials interviewed yet a greenhorn was selected?

Is there vested interest of anyone for a rush league?

A 14 day period. Can teams even get their jerseys ready?

Are the venues inspected and do they meet the requirements?

Will there be no screwup in drawing up the fixtures given that the managers meeting is 3 days after closing?

What about the coverage for the league since MHL suffered immensely?

Any indication of live coverage since the broadcast pattered Astro has pulled the plug?

The obvious clash with the Women Junior Asia Cup and the Azlan Shah Cup. Was any consideration given?

And finally. Why no mention of the subsidy to trans in MJHL.

Let us not run the league for the purpose of completing the calendar or using Sukma as the excuse.

And before you say you inherited this calendar, why not do the next best thing – come out with the 2021 and 2022 calendar right now!

Ada berani kah? No more talk, no more hasty decisions – after all deni Bangsa. Negara is just a slogan right Ba.