MJHL – Lets just close shop

Development of Hockey players will be severely affected following the decision to limit the participation to only 14 teams in this years Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

States will be particularly affected as only certain states will have representation based on the pre determined 10 teams already qualified.

For starters, Sports School will benefit the most as there are three teams from this section – SSTMI Thunderbolts, SSTMI and Bukit Jalil.

Next there are teams from states but are also state based Sports Schools – Anderson. Akademi Hoki Pahang and SMSS Resilient Sabah.

In terms of states, only Johor , Melaka, Selangor and Penang will have representatives in the MJHL.

Thereby leaving our states like Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu,

Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur.

Already the Under 21 Tournament has been scrapped since 2015 as it was to alternate with the Sukma years.

However the U21 is only held in the even years since 2016 and not held in 2017 and not listed this year as well.

No one knows what happened to the tournament .

Let’s take this scenario, that you are a good Hockey player around 13 years old.

You get to play Under 14 and Under 16 and then try to make it to the state Sukma team every alternate year for the next four years,

By the time you are 21, your Hockey career is over unless you either had moved away from growing up in your natural habitat or moved to one of the boarding schools ( read Sports Schools),

With some players over 40 still playing in the Razak Cup, you have no chance whatsoever and end up playing in your state leagues, many who run only for a weekend or a few weeks so as to justify the collection of RM40,000 from the sponsors.

Talking about the sponsors, it will be also interesting to see if TNB decides to reduce its contribution since there is a cap of teams being permitted to play in the MHL and MJHL.

For those who May have forgotten or opted to forget, the MHL this year was reduced to an 8 team affair following the scrapping of the Division One that had 13 teams last year. Hence 11 teams were wiped of the radar in MHL with 16 expected to be erased this coming season.

On the argument put forward by MHC Competitions Manager that quality over quantity was the key factor in determining this criteria, what has he to say to Nur Insafi, UITM and TNB Thunderbolts who suffered heavy defeats in this years MHL?

And what about the PSHA- MSSPP team in the WJHL?

Forget about next season should be the advise going by his brilliant analytical analysis .

Since we are at reducing shorelines at the expense of participation and development, and not forgetting reduction of tournaments, why not we also change the position of the Competitions Managed to one of part time instead of the current practice, as there is hardly much to do.

Those who qualified

1. SSTMI Thunderbolts ( Sports School)

2. Anderson Thunderbolts (Perak)

3. AHP- SSP Thunderbolts ( Pahang)

4. SMK Dato Bentara Luar ( Johor)

5. BJSS Thunderbolt (Sports School)

6. MBPJTigers ( Selangor)

7. SSTMI ( Sports School)

8. SSMS Resilient ( Sabah)


1. MBMB Warriors ( Melaka)

2. MSSPP – PSHA (Penang)