MKN to decide on contact sports training Thursday

A three hour plus drive from Johor Baru to Kelana Jaya under torrid weather conditions did not deter Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican from attending a training session of the National U19 squad.

The visit was vital for DS Reezal wanted to see for himself the adherence to the Standard Operating Procedure of the footballers in compliance of the conditions set by the National Security Council.

And the Minister wanted to see and hear for himself what the players and coaches felt about non contact training,

“ I will be presenting a proposal to the MKN on Thursday morning and it ranges from allowing contact training to competitions for motorsport as well as certain sports,” said DS Reezal.

“ The visit was important as I wanted to see for myself how the players coped and the necessity for contact training to return.

“ Hopefully my colleagues in MKN will give us the green light but I must reiterate that ultimately it’s the Ministry of Health approval that is necessary,

“ On my part, KBS has drawn up various guidelines and SOP’s should contact training be allowed,”

The Minister added that as so far as competitions were concerned, his proposal entails only non contact sports for the time being.

“ in this case it will be events like Badminton, Motorsports and Golf,” added DS Reezal.

“ We cannot rush into allowing contact sports for the time being.

“ However the prohibition of spectators remains”

N whether allowing contact training for football will eventually lead to the M-League resuming in August, DS Reezal had this to say;

“ Let’s take it one step at a time. Those in the sports fraternity have done well so far and I hope they keep up to the compliance part.

“ If we can have no infections in sports, then let’s say our chances of pushing the next phase of return to competition is better.”