More details from Sports Minister Monday

The gradual return for sports has started, ok will start next week.

As the Prime Minister had announced in his live address to the nation , servers aspects of sports will benefit from this decision, be it those in the various sports bodies and associations as well as those affected in the four phased Movement Control Order.

Youth and Sports Minister, Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican was behind the drive towards working on the initiatives for acceptable Standard Operating Procedures for sports specifics .

Leading by example the Minister and his team at the Ministry played a key role in convincing the National Security Council to give the nod .

Much effort was put in by DS Reezal and his team at the Ministry by studying and comparing the various SOP’s of other countries.

And on Saturday morning they had the confidence to present the SOP to the NSC and it was endorsed though with strict SOP.

“ It was a tedious process as many sports wanted to get back into action, so we at the Ministry were put under tremendous pressure,” revealed DS Reezal.

“ We were getting numerous requests from sports associations as well as those from the sports industries.

“ But the timing towards tabling the proposal was key as we needed to convince the various stakeholders that it was safe to return for sports.

“ As I say often, the buy in factor was vital and once we got the Road To Tokyo started. I knew the timing was right to take another shot towards phase two.

“ I will be revealing more details at the Press Conference on Monday,” added the Minister

Senior Minister Dato Seri Isnail Sabri will at 2.00pm on Monday provide details on the leeway given for sports whereas Dato Seri Reezal at his Press Conference at Menara KBS at 4pm is expected to reveal more details on matters relating to the MKN approval for sports .