MPM fiasco , let the handicap lead their own sports.

A sports editor of a malay daily penned a comment piece with regards to the ongoing issues in the Malaysian Paralympic Council.

In short he virtually hit out at former Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, asking him to set good leadership example and withdraw from contesting for the race of President of MPM.

While editors are entitled to their opinions, they ought to write with a reflection of fairness and understand that the constitution is supreme.

So in this case, the equation is simple, let the members decide as to who and how they want the process to go ahead.

No Minister or Sports Commissioner has the right to over rule the rights of the majority.

Anyway putting that aside, have we all failed to see the crux of the problem?

Look at all those making statements, contesting for positions and fighting it out like gladiators!

Everyone is missing the most salient point.

The sport should be administered by the Paralympian and those able bodied officials should butt out.

We have over the years produced so many para Athletes that even have won gold medals at world championships and the Olympics.

Look at all the affiliates in MPM – they are able bodied officials holding positions in able bodied sports bodies, but making decisions for those who are handicapped.

Unless of course one considers that mental incapacity is a handicap for some.

It’s time the equation changes – the time has come for those who are certified handicap to be given the task of leading sports of the para Athletes.

Enough of this charade of able bodied officials trying to dictate terms.

Since we can allow 18 year olds to determine the future of our country, why not let the handicap determine who they want as their leaders.

This is a noble way to give recognition to those who are less fortunate.

So why don’t you initiate this change Sports Minister?

Unless of course you have made up your mind to deny Khairy a chance to contest on level playing field and you usurp the powers of the members rather then let them decide their own future.

Food for thought, obviously not as all the able bodied think is about themselves.