Mr Milo Ping Loong calls it a day

He is a familiar face at most sporting events, especially those at junior levels.

With his trademark smile and unassuming character, Ng Ping Loong was one of the most sought after individual when anyone wanted to organise a sports event.

How often have each one of us pencilled down Milo as the first sponsor in our sports events.

Even though it is a last minute thing, Ping Loong tries his best never to disappoint.

More often then not he meets our request half way, but always emphasising that Milo must be given due prominence.

His loyalty to his company , Nestle Products ( M) is outstanding and an example for others to emulate.

I first met Ping Loong in 1986 when attached to the Seremban Municipal Council.

We were planning for our MPS anniversary celebrations and Ping Loong, together with his then boss Dato Dina Rizal were ever so helpful,

Over the years the relationship developed into friendship, often chats cantering around where sports was headed.

His passion for hockey was outstanding though I believe he never played the game but still ended up as an accomplished golfer.

Yesterday was Ping Loong’s final day at Nestle and the sport’s fraternity will surely miss his outstanding service in contributing towards junior development.

We wish him happy retirement though I doubt he will “ retire” as the word reflects.

And thank you from everyone for your immense contributions to sport over the years.

And if there was one individual that deserved the “ Dato” title, it surely ought to have been Ping Loong.

But he never worked for rewards. A smiling face of a kid having an iced cold Milo , content with the refreshment , was all the reward Ping Loong ever needed.

You made a difference to sport my dear friend, and we pray for your good health and hope to see you around at sports meets.