MSSM Events Postponed

The sports listed for competition in the Malaysian School Sports ( MSSM) have been called off.

The 11 different sports were to commence this Saturday in various parts of the country.

However the Ministry of Education issued a directive to postpone all the sports as well as extra curricular activities of schools due to the corona virus escalating numbers of cases.

Effectively this means that all sports and other co- curriculum activities such as scouts and others will have to be out in hold until a green light is issued by MOE.

The Education Ministry Director of Sports, Zainal Abas when contacted confirmed that this directive was applicable to schools participating in any sports activities that required approval from the Ministry.

“ For the moment we have contacted all the respective states not to travel to the venues of the MSSM competitions,” said Zainal .

“ We are unable to say when these events can be held but it will all depend on the advise provided by the Ministry of Health.”

When asked if this directive will be enforced on school teams scheduled to participate in the Malaysian Junior Hockey League that is scheduled to commence on March 25, Zainal had this to say;

“ As so long as the school needs to seek our permission to participate, we will not grant them the permission as this directive from the Minister clearly spells out the restriction,” added Zainal.

“ On whether the league proceeds or not, that’s the prerogative of the national governing body. We respect their authority on this.

“ However schools that have signed up need to get our consent in wake of this directive.”

The 11 sports that were to be contested are Aquatics, Hockey. Softball, Netball, Squash, Badminton , Archery. Volleyball, Rigby, Golf and Chess.