Nazif holds court

It was somewhat a baptism of fire for OCM Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin who handled two important functions with flying colours.

Nazifuddin was instrumental in organising and making into reality a briefing session for national sports associations intending to participate in the Manila SEA Games.

Nazif managed to secure the services of Ramon Suzara, the Chief Operating Officer of the Philippines SEA Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) who did a relatively good presentation , providing insights on the overall planning of the 30th SEA Games,

It was refreshing to note a few Presidents of NSA’s present, showing that they were leading by example,

But many others opted to send their lower staff, some oblivious to the happenings and what the event was in the first place.

It must be noted that holding such a briefing session was a first as emphasised by Ramon.

But the questions posed by the NSA’s to Ramon showed our lack of understanding on rules governing the SEA Games.

Once the decision by the organising committee has been endorsed by the SEAGF, no additions to the sports can be made.

Thus Ramon was just being courteous when he listened to the various grouses aired for certain events being left out and assured delegates that they will look into their proposals.

However Ramon was blunt when met by media later.

“ As long as there is no additional cost, then we can consider adding sports. But to hope is not the correct word as we have 39 venues and with 56 sports offered, some venues host up to three events, “ explained Ramos

However he did not discount the possibility of events being added, like what was brought up by the National Shooting Association who lamented that events being offered were not normal shooting events and cited six of the events that could see lack of entries

But Ramos was witty when questions were posed by squash, karate, speak Takraw, diving when he asked why the Malaysians wanted to include these additional events. The General response was that Malaysia had won gold in 2017.

“ There, now you know why we not offering those events,” quipped Ramon.

But in reality what the CEO said made sense as in 2017 Malaysia as hosts went out of the way to include sports and events that assured the host country of gold in their quest to win the overall title.

So two years on and we pay for our sins, hence why fret?

On the second session, Nazifuddin briefed those present in the new selection criteria that was approved by the Board on January 8 after a study undertaken by a independent panel headed by Tan Sri Dato Dr. M. Jegathesan.

Nazif Hanford the briefing well and thought at times he was somewhat caught with questions from the floor, his overall explanations were generally well received,

One factor that was slackening was the fact that it was dimmed a closed door session therefore the members of the media were in the dark on the preparations by Manila as well as the new selection policy,

But kudos to Nazif , a reluctant Secretary General , who managed to hold his own.