New National Olympic Academy Director Soon


Having lost 90 per cent of my right eye sight, kindly note that there could be unintentional spelling errors in my articles. Hence I hope readers will understand instead of casting doubts on my ability to spell

A evolution panel had been formed to identify the next director of the National Olympic Academy.

An appointed position, the individual however gets to be part of ghe Olympic Council of Malaysia Executive Board.

The position has always been held by an independent person but after the last OCM elections in May 2028, an elected member of the EB was appointed.

However this was raised at the OCM EB meeting in August 2019 and it was decided to appoint another person.

Months passed since that decision as there was an attempt to appoint certain individuals who did not fit the requirements.

But OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria has put a stop to the intense lobbying and abuse of the process.

“ We have formed a three man panel to go through a list of potential candidates,” said Dato Seri Norza.

“ We will look at their resumes and pick the candidate that in our opinion is best suited for the job.”

Besides Dato Seri Norza, the other members of the panel are Deputy President Dato Seri Azim Zabidi and Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin Najib.

It is learnt that three , all with impeccable qualifications and with strong academic credentials have been short listed.

And soon after a long time, the National Olympic Academy will receive a breadth of fresh air.