New Sports Minister must not get fingers dirty

How many of you took the trouble yo watch the announcement of the nanometers by PM ?

The name of the Sports Minister and his deputy was the last mentioned by Mail Sabri.

That clearly indicates how Low sports is considered in the country.

Oops it’s a joint ministry with youth, so all you youngsters out there, you are a bottom heap category.

It was as if Mail was standing in a room after selecting class monitors for the whole school and as he was leaving, it occured to him ones more vacancy was still there as as he just as he exited the door, he says by the way “ Class G” the worst in school will b be headed by Ah Piang.

That is how this government treats sports – a so called tool for unity.

We may never ever gets unity government as they fight each time you bring them together for a parliament session as they behave worse then the four legged placed in Ampang

But seriously lah, you guys already provide us peanuts in terms of budgets and whatever money do you allocate is decided by those in Menara KBS and MSN, both places occupied by those who try put a square peg in a round one.

Ok here goes, be angry for all I care, the truth always hurts but needs to be told,

If u read this and agree, then do me a favour – viral it anyway you can.

From 2014 Asian/Commonwealth Games till Tokyo 2021. A span of 7 years, we have had four sports ministers.

And during this same period we had 3 SEA Games, 2 Asian and Commonwealth Games, 2 Olympics.

So detractors will say we were successful at the 2015, 2017 SEA Games but really what measure of success was that!

It’s ironic nic we never sa the post mortem reports of the Manila SEA Games and we will nor see the Tokyo Olympics report as well.

The new minister, really I am at loss how to address him as some call him Faisal, Peja, Azzudin or Mee Kari so pardon my ignorance.

Bit it’s all not bleak as he has someone within the family who has experience working at KBS.

In comes his sister in law Nolee Asihin who was special officer to Dato Azalina during her term as Sports Minister.

I was fortunate to work alongside Nolee for a year then and she is a very intelligent and innovative individual so Minister get some inside knowledge from her.

Sports is still the same since then and as Reezal put it correctly things will not change as the same things are done year in and year our with expectation ns of different results.

Reezal should have made the changes when he could but opted to wait. He will now realise that time wait for no one and the incoming Minister will hardly change anything as GE15 will be held in a year , you read it here first, mark my word.

And I read somewhere about not to make changes to the SEA Games, Asian and Commonwealth Games programs – well the scribe was not well informed as no programs were planned or launched, it’s just what someone wrongly fed you.

In 2003 I was fortunate to meet former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam and when I asked as to a suitable solution as to who should lead sports, his answer was blunt – no politicians. Just get a corporate guy, make him a senator, give him a term contract or form a sport’s commission.

Perhaps that’s what this incoming sports minister ought to do before his exit next July, speak to Reezal as he wanted to empower OCM and the national sports associations.

Go do the right thing, do not get influenced by all the presentations you will be given, it’s just a load of bull.

Lots of Mee jari might be served my friend and since u love hockey, try fixing that sport as well.

Our paths may not cross but I wish you the best as a roller coaster ride awaits you, just do not get your fingers dirty.