NFDP – derailed two years ago, time to put accountability back into it.

An online meeting at f the National Football Development Program?

Before one jumps up and says CMCO, consider this facts;

1. No meeting held since current Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican too office in March.

2. The Minister was only briefed on the NFDP a few days ago.

3. A barrage of articles started appearing online, saying it was all fine.

4. One article twisted facts so much that in a make believe story it claimed KJ and LTK were not the pioneers of NFDP.

5. Reality was the early group were more inclined on Everton FC and the French Football Association, trip made there in 2011.

6. The RM10 million PM Najib allocated after the AFF triumph was on the streets of Bukit Bintang in a watch patty.

Back to online meeting, frankly it’s a waste of time when there are only about 12 persons involved.

Surely there is enough space to practice social distancing or conduct swab tests before going in for the meeting.

Or the NSC Director General could sure secure a hotel or resort as he often does of late for his programs

Better still why not conduct the meeting at Academy Bolasepak Mokhtar Dahari in Gambang, the home of NFDP.

So why the push for an online meeting?

Better to postpone the meeting for after all there was no urgency to meet since March, so why not push the meeting back another two weeks.

During the briefing for the Minister, was the following raised;

a) Why no playing attire was secured since 2018? The trainees still wear the now tattered playing attire secured by KJ prior to 2018?

b) A tender exercise was conducted in June/July fir equipment and training attire. Both valued at RM1 million each, was this just an exercise in futility for those who rendered

c) What are the details of the tie up with a private international school. What is the cost and who benefits in the end?

d) Using a foreign syllabus as opposed to our local one sends a wrong signal as athletes in other sports too will expect the same. Is this counter reaction to NSC”S derailed attempt to take over the Bukit Jalil Sports School?

e) Just how much of the allocated RM45 million has been spent thus far for this year? Granted RM15m was then diverted to other programs, so can we have disclosure for the sake of transparency and accountability.

On a more serious note, in terms of technical expertise, just what role does the Football Association of Malaysia play in the program?

Were the coaches at states vetted by FAM or NSC?

Who is the expert in football, FAM he r NSC?

Why is NFDP managed directly by NSC while other similar programs managed by the respective sports bodies ? ( Rugby – NRDP, Cycling – JCM, Hockey – NHDP – when it’s finally launched)

In terms of numbers, since 2018, can there be a full disclosure on the number of centres and trainees in line with the projected number when launched in 2013?

FAM as custodians of the sport in the country should play a bigger role in managing the NFDP, and the NSC should stop micro managing it.

Obviously the argument of NSC is and will always be that FAM are weak in managing finances.

Tell you what NSC, you too are no great custodians and one can see from the Podium Program that you have failed in many aspects.

Give FAM more autonomy and importantly the money so that the State FA’s will see themselves as partners rather then being part of the government machinery.

There a list of homework for the meeting and the best will be to conduct a forensic audit, like what should be done for Podium.

The issue here is simple, NSC holds the money and are not open ended.

They have a philosophy , we are Jack of all trades though master of none as NSC holds the purse string.

FAM ought to run part of the program, especially technical issues in selection of coaches and player

And the tune id right for the return of the Harimau Muda concept.

Formation of the U15 ( play in Piala Belia), U17 – plsy in M3, Under 19 ( play in Presidents Cup , and U21 ( play in Premier League)

Say what you want but think again for it was the Harimau Muda formed in 2006 and played in the Premier League that went in to win gold in the 2009 SEA Games.

NFDP needs those who can think, not some armchair critics that think they are gods gift to Malaysian football.

We already have NSC doing just that – playing the gods gift role.