NFDP: DS Reezal instructs payments be made right away.

“ The National Sports Council have assumed complete responsibility in the non payment of allowance to the part time coaches in time. I have stressed that there should be empathy especially during this period of Covid 19. Though I received an explanation, I made it very clear that this was not acceptable and have instructed that payments be released from tomorrow itself. No doubt there were some issues on documentation but when it comes to earnings of those who have provided services, at tines we need to do away with red tape, depending on the situation.”

That was the reaction of Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican on the issue of part time coaches of the National Football Development Program.

The Minister said that he was thoroughly concerned such things were happening especially when the country was going through a difficult time due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

“ I take complaints seriously, be it after highlighter ny the main stream media or alternate media. Hence I have taken the necessary steps to resolve this,” added the Minister.

While the proactive approach by the Minister is not only commendable and appreciated, this matter just cannot be brushed aside like that, not when honest coaches did their fare share but were denied.

First question to be asked is if the division under which the NFDP is now placed has enough manpower and expertise to handle the administration of the program.

And if they are short handed, then the NSC Director General needs to provide staff from other divisions .

Since this is a jointly run program with the Football Association of Malaysia, perhaps it should be FAM that handles payments to the coaches.

After all FAM heads the NFDP Technical Committee and are best suited to look and gauge the performances of these coaches.

Hence NSC should release a financial grant to FAM to cover certain aspects of the NFDP and not micro manage everything just because the funds are allocated to them via KBS by the Ministry of Finance.

But looking at the bright side, at least now we have a Minister who is hands on, unlike his predecessor.

However will this last or will Reezal too be charmed not believing the “ untruths” that many of a Minister before him has fallen for!

This is unpredictable as the Covid 19 virus for there are unseen hands at work in sports, for self interests.

Only time will tell.