NFDP; KJ takes a swipe at “ old” attire

Is the National Football Development Program in need of money?

That was probably what former Sports Minister Khairy Jamaludin was eluding to in his Instagram posting a couple of days ago.

Khairy had put up a photo of the players in the multi million ringgit NFDP stating “ Kenapa Team AMD pakai jessi lama, logo pun dah tercabut? Susah sangat mai jumpa saya”

It means “ why is AMD still using old jerseys, even the logo is missing? Difficult times, come see me.”

Khairy commented on the NFDP Official IG posting of the team photo at the U16 v Terengganu IV Piala Belia match on March 15.

Ironic as it may sound, the last Sports Minister Syed Sadiq had proudly announced an increase to RM45 million for the NFDP after getting money from the “ sugar tax”.

For those who may have forgotten, the entire NFDP Management set up was changed towards the end of 2018 with NSC, under the leadership of its DG Dato Ahmad Shapawi Isnail totally in control.

It was then placed under the purview of Jeffry Ngadirin the Director of Athletes Division and only last month assigned to a new director Safrusahar Yusuf.

The entire funding is controlled by NSC and although the FAM are equal partners, they really do not have much say in funding except technical matters.

Adidas who were sponsors from the time NFDP was initiated by Khairy, left in 2018 as did a host of other sponsors.

No new sponsors were signed up forcing the government to pump in more taxpayers money as the commercial and marketing arms of the program disintegrated.

Efforts were made in the tail end of 2018 to do a tie up with a local brand, but nothing materialised as the NSC put a stop on it.

However it is now learnt that the NSC has initiated the discussions with the same company, and the deal includes uniforms supply for those to be placed in a private institution be it Football or Badminton.

And rightfully FAM in their visit ti the newly minted Sports Minister yesterday which they proudly posted in social media, ought to have raised these concerns rather then beating their chest about their so called F30 plan which in reality was doomed from the start.

From the photos posted, FAM obviously did not understand the meaning of social distancing, opting to take an entourage along, including the so powerful 4th floor chaps plus The Butler.

Which now leads to the question – is FAM a political party, more concern of building image of its officials then Football?

It is an exercise in futility as none of those present care about the players in NFDP for parents largely are funding most of the things NSC refuses to do.

So Reezal Merican, cars to let an independent audit go through the actual expenses for NFDP?

Care share with us how much money was channeled to activities not related to NFDP?

Care to be an open book?

And by the way, I SM sure Khairy will be all too glad to get them a set or two of attire without any side deals.