NFDP – Let’s do forensic suturing

At the beginning of this year, there was a big furore when players from the National Football Development Program were being signed by certain states with one taking up close to 15 players alone.

This was because of the failure of the National Sports Council being the administrators of the NFDP to plan the future of the graduates.

Such a failure it was then said will never reoccur and a fee of RM200,000 was to be imposed on the players should they want to sign for states.

Fast forward almost 11 months later and the scenario has not changed.

It can be revealed here that some 12 players have already agreed to join the likes of Selabgor and Johor with a few more expected to ink their contracts soon.

So what actually happened NSC?

Where was the great placement plan that you were so proudly talking about?

Was it just a charade to please the public for your failures?

The Board of the NFDP was to meet on October 27 but the online session was moved to another date by the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican due to the Covid situation.

What was more ironic that the NSC Director General chose to brief the minister of NFDP only days before the Board meeting.

Why was this briefing done at the last minute?

Was the DG hoping that the government would change so that truths can continue to be hidden.

Now detractors have been saying that the NFDP had been spending money freely and unaccounted for.

For those who might not know all payments must be approved by the Director General since the program got under way in 2016.

Now if there is any foul play , surely it would have been picked up by the Auditor General.

But nothing of sorts was revealed and life went in till post 2018 General Elections and the change of government.

Almost the entire administrative program was told to leave and NSC took over.

Now let’s do some comparison;

1. Let’s have the figure on how much money was used fir each year beginning 2016 and also list out the programs undertaken.

2. Also important to list is the number of overseas playing tours and competitions.

3. What was the amount spent on playing and training attire per year?

4. How many centres and coaches were appointed or removed or established per year?

5. Just how much has NFDP grown in terms of numbers of trainees from 2016 to 2020.

6. More importantly what is the deal between NFDP and the private institution with regards to the education process for the trainees ?

These are pertinent questions that need public disclosure and not be swept under the carpet just because a single individual who is handicap raised it.

If transparency is the name of the game, then allow a forensic auditing to be conducted so as to clear the sir.

If not now then when will we really understand the gravity of the situation.

There is just too much under current on talk that KJ and his boys supposedly were flamboyant.

So why not we just look at facts and figures please.

Ada berani kah?