NFDP: Let’s open the books and do proper comparisons

It’s almost a year since the last steering committee of the National Football Development Program Steering Committee met.

Easily the most expensive sports development program in the history of Malaysian Sports, with an allocation of RM70 million in the 2020 Budget, the lack of transparency, accountability, clear line of responsibility as well as line of reporting is so apparent that the guardians of the sport – the Football Association of Malaysia are merely the riders of the “ Beca”

FAM are either shit scared of NSC, the holders of the purse or are tongue tied as they negotiate deals to safe the M-League.

Anyway pointless discussion that as all in sports know that NSC merely flexes its purse strings to send a message a cross so much so that even political appointees such as Ministers or Deputy Ministers are known to have passed in their pants when NFDP matters are raised.

There have been countless and baseless allegations against the past management of the NSDP since the fall of the last government where Khairy Jamaluddin was the Sports Minister.

But the allegations merely remain allegations as it was never proven but merely used to bad mouth those in charge by the NSC directorate.

In order to put things strain gut, let’s now do the asking of questions and hope the right honourable minister will find it necessary to put things right in the name of accountability and fairness towards those that were maligned, that’s if he wants transparency to prevail

1. Do a comparison in terms of expenditure using 2017, 2019 and 2020 as comparison.

2. That will show the difference between the three Ministers , KJ, Sadiq and Reezal.

3. In doing this final comparison, kindly also reveal the number of centres, coaches and trainees in these years,

4. Next do the comparison on the number of activities undertaken , tours, competitions participated, plus organised such as the Mokhtar Dahari Cup,

5. At the same time details on purchases of equipment like balls and attire ought to be revealed.

6. And most glaringly the cost of signing up with the private school as this was never revealed.

One these figures are presented then it’s easy to know if the NFDP is still running in the right path.

The figure RM45 million allocated from the six tax was reduced to RM30 million under the Sadiq era.

So NSC is duty could to reveal where the RM15 million went to as well.

These are hard questions that has been sidelined as a briefing to the current minister was only help prior to the October 27 planned online meeting which the Minister rightfully postponed to have a physical meeting.

Surely this could have been done in the period of Oct 27 to Nov 27, so why the pro longed delay?

An physical meeting at Gambang the location of AMD was proper but who is withholding it?

As for FAM why are they very silent of getting to the bottom of the NFDP saga?

Are they hoping for some generous handout for the M-League to reciprocate their silence?

If governments need to bail out competitions then kindly ask those holding positions in MFL to vacate their positions and let the rakyat fill the positions with capable people unlike karipap eating board members that picket allowances rating into the income.

So Hamidin are you prepared to walk the talk in both instances?

Or is cronyism still a forte in Football affairs.

Enough of nepotism and bailouts, say no to throwing a lifeline as there are other sports that deliver,

Besides NFDP is funded by taxpayers.