Norza –  The Perfect One

Having a platform at a national association of an Olympic Games program sport is crucial for any sports official wanting to hold office in the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

For the OCM constitution clearly spells out that any candidate aspiring to hold office in OCM should or ought to have held office in a national sports body.

As such OCM Assistant Secretary General Dato Sieh Kok Chi is of the opinion that it is only proper for incumbent OCM Deputy President Dato Seri Mohd Norza Zakaria to serve in BAM as well as OCM.

There have been critics of Norza that claim that his role at OCM will somewhat impede his ability to administer BAM should he be elected President next month.

It is also an open secret that Norza will succeed Tunku Tan Sri Imran as the OCM President next year.

” There is no rule barring Norza from holding a position in a national sports association and OCM,” clarified Kok Chi who can be considered a sports institution given his knowledge and contributions to sports in the country over the last five decades.

“This has been the tradition and should be encouraged…..and really the time served in national associations help officials prepare for the task at OCM as they have a better understanding of the needs and requirements of sports bodies and Athletes.

” Personally I feel Norza has shown good resources and a times I am amazed at his abundance of energy although he is involved in many sectors of sports in the country.

” Managing time is crucial and the fact that Norza is willing to vacate his ISN Chairmanship proves his desire to help BAM succeed further with a more hands on approach.”

Kok Chi believes that Norza will be able to contribute effectively to both OCM and BAM.

His views were also supported by other OCM Board Members.

” Having worked with Norza over the past two years at OCM and also when I was a board member of ISN, I am of the opinion that he is well suited to take over as President of BAM,” said OCM Vice President Dato Paduka Mumtaz Jaafar.

” He is a visionary leader I dare say a new generation type of leader and what u admire about him is his ability to spur the Athletes as well as listen to all views before taking decisive action.”

For another OCM Vice President Datuk Hj Megat Zulkarnain Tan Sri Omardin the fact that Norza was so passionate about sports, in particular Badminton has him rooting for him to take over as BAM President.

” It all boils down to commitment and I believe Norza is committed towards taking Badminton to a higher plateau,” said Megat.

” I am certain that his experience gained at OCM and ISN will serve him well should the BAM affiliates decide on him as their next President.

” There is no such thing as conflict as almost all of us that are OCM Board Members also serve at our respective national sports bodies, so why not Norza.”