Norza deserves credit

It was a good gesture by Olympic Council of Malaysia President Dato Seri Mohamad Norza Zakaria to leave the OCM Board Room when the Selection Committee discussed the Badminton team participation for the Jakarta Asian Games.

Being also the Badminton Association of Malaysia president, Norza thus cleared any notion of conflict of interest, even by his presence in the room.

In the past many OCM office bearers who held positions in national sports associations continued to remain in the room but abstained from participating in discussions on their own associations.

However some were more blatant, options to sit with their associations and then switch caps once a decision was made.

The move by Norza sets a benchmark for transparency and it will be left to be seen if other office bearers follow his action and also leave the meeting room when their sports is discussed.

Mere presence without participation can be considered as an influence and declaring interest and leaving the room is the right thing to do.

Anyway kudos to Norza for having done so and where credit is due, we will report it as it is.

On the change of qualification standards, from the previously accepted 6th position of the previous Asian Games, to 4th position, done because NSC does not have the money to support a large contingent, we will elaborate over it once all the selections are completed.

Suffice to say that shifting the goalposts at the last minute is a total disregard for FairPlay, something that is clearly stated in the Olympic Charter.