Now Pétanque Federation suspended by world body

In what can only be considered a disgrace, the International Pétanque Federation has withdrawn its rights to represent the sport.

In a letter dated March 21, the joint President of the Federation International Pétanque ( FIPJP ) and Confederation Mondiale Sport Boules ( CMSB) Claude Azema, the reasons for withdrawal are due to non compliance with international guidelines, financial problems and lack of representation at the international level.

“ I confirm the association called “ Malaysian Pétanque Federation “ which had obtained the FIPJP delegation to represent it , in your country and to send players to the Asian Championships, to the World Championships. to the international multi sports competitions, has been suspended for several reasons.”

And on the same day, another letter was issued and it states;

“ In view of the documents we already received, of relations we had for several years , with some of its leaders, of objectives and announced actions, we will grant the delegation previously given to the FMP, which we have withdrawn to the Malaysian Boules Sports Federation which will be the only one authorised to represent FIPJP and CMSB in the territory of Malaysia.”

This effectively rules out the current national body , which is affiliated to the Olympic Council of Malaysia and duly recognised by the Sports Commissioners Office, will no longer be allowed to submit players to represent Malaysia in international events.

Despite attempting to gain registration with the Sports Commissioners Office, the certified body Malaysian Boules Sports Federation was denied and subsequently has been registered with the Registrar of Societies.

Now here is the Catch 22 situation for the OCM which will be holding Selection Committee Meetings for Athletes to the 2019 Manila SEA Games.

They cannot consider the entry until this issue is resolved and that will deny Malaysia participation in the Pétanque competition in Manila.

Although there has been a precedent when Athletes were sent by OCM Under its jurisdiction, the Taekwondo situation, it must be noted that the national body was suspended locally that time and not be the International Sports Federation.

It will also be interesting to hear from the NSC as to who they have been dealing with since this letter was issued on March 21.

Looks like there are never ending issues on Malaysian Sports of late.