NS Hockey – where titles matter, behind names

A year ago I wrote about the Negeri Sembilan Hockey Association.

Since that day, NS has lost two of its glorious sons of Hockey – Lawrence van Huizen and Michael Yan Wai Pin.

These two gentlemen contributed much towards Hockey in NS, as did the late S . Satgunam who served as Secretary to Malaysian Hockey Federation,

There was a six a side tournament held in memory of Satgunam by the NSHaa but it only lasted a few years.

And in that same aspect, there were two other individuals that saw tournaments named after them in NS, the XA Nicholas Quadrangular as well as the MT Lingam Six A Side.

While the XA Nicholas tournament was a prelude to the Razak Cup, the MT Lingam six a side organised by the NS Ceylonese Association was second to the Pesta Penang Sixes.

Such was the organisational ability and the draw of NS Hockey.

Many often ridicule me when it comes to Hockey and NS.

But ate the readers aware of this fact – that NS produced a whole lot of Olympians?

Right from Peter van Huizen, Aminullah Karim, Sheikh Ali Sheikh Mohamad, Lawrence van Huizen, K. Alagaratnam, Tara Singh , Dato Ho Koh Chye, Ranjit Singh, Franco De Cruz. N, Palanisamy, Brian Sta Maria, Colin Sta Maria, Stephen van Huizen, Kevin Nunis, Gary Fidelis, Brian Jayhan Siva, S. Suriagandhi, S. Kuhan, Suhaimi Ibrahim. Mohd Madzli Ikmar.

That’s a whole lot of 19 Olympians that I can figure and I may have left out a name or two.

But since 2000, NS has only had Marhan Jalil, Madzli Ikmar and S. Kumar in the national team as well as double junior world cupped is Karthik.

In terms of teams, NS Ladd won the Razak Cup in 1977, were joint champions of the 1985 Alagendra Cup U20 and made the finals of the 1988 Razak Cup, 1989 U21 and 1990 U15.

And in 1991 Seremban Municipal Council were third in the Overall Cup of the MHL.

Yayasan NS started its juggernaut by winning the Division 2 in 1991/92 and followed up with the MHL League title in 1994.

This was followed by the Overall Cup title in 1995.

And in 1996 there was no stopping YNS as it swept the Charity Shield, League, Overall abd all five individual awards, not losing or drawing a single match all season.

Such was the power and aura of NS Hockey.

So with two artificial Hockey pitches at its disposal, what has become of NS Hockey, both in terms of producing quality players and teams.

Today one will find more titles at the back of the names of its officials then trophies won.

There is so much passion within the state body in their quest for titles for themselves rather then do something constructive for the sport,

NSHA, through YNS started the first schools hockey league in the country, but today getting schools to play is a huge task,

But what has the state body planned to generate interest in the sport?

Has it bothered to revive the part tournaments it used to host?

Tournaments generate income but then it’s hard work trying to convince sponsors, so those seating in positions do not want to soil their hands.

And development is dirty work as it does not put one in the limelight.

Only individuals like Kali Kavandan and Balbir Singh spend time and effort to start a junior development initiative. But does the NSHA lend a helping hand?

Then there is the great initiative by the St Paul Institution to get boys from the Lobak area to play the sport. But does NSHA even care?

And now there is intense lobbying for the turf that was removed from pitch 2 to be sent to SMK Puteri.

Why not to TBS Tampin who have produced Olympians?

After all the current MB is head of the PKR Tampin Division!

Lately there is also word out there of employing a full time coach for NS.

It is like pouring water into the sea as there is just no talent to coach.

Another aspect in NSHA is the ability to kill the interest and careers of those who can and have delivered.

Look at my elder sibling Jusvir.

He gave up the Assistant Secretary position lady year in February after serving tirelessly for years.

Rather then reward him, they removed him form their competitions committee, their technical officials and never even gave him a form for the new registration of the national body earlier this month, till he had to ask.

So when it comes to NSHA, you will never be appreciated or recognised.

And as I intend to see the MB soon, I hope to make him realise that much more ought to be fine to bring the sport to its part glory.

Having titles behind names surely not the only way…….