NSC advocates buy foreign as PM says buy local

Are our sports still colonised?

Well that’s the inkling is me gets as as the influx of the foreign legion in various positions continues to baffle us.

Malaysia gained independence in 1957 and the nation had its glorious days in sports sans the foreigners.

But when awarded th 1998 Commonwealth Games hosting job in 1984, the flood gates opened.

While Tun Mahathir at that time introduced the Look East policy, the sports authorities coined the phrase go foreign.

From Football teams to what else, it was thought that only the foreign legion could take us to stellar heights in sports.

You name it, coaches, assistant coaches, technical directors, development directors, Physio’s, masseurs, sports science experts – the whole range – we have it or had it.

University Malaya has its first batch of Sports Science intake in 1995, bit just how many of its grads today are actually in sports?

Just how many students fron sports school are given an opportunity?

So we depend on foreigners to do our development? To be Technical Directors? To be paid mega ringgits for something our locals know better!

Look at Football and Hockey – both development programs hiring foreigners as Technical Director’s, Youth Development Program heads.

Let’s ask one question – do the two individuals know our sports culture or history with regards to which schools used to produce players.

Will the acclaimed Paul Revington possibly know the likes of SMK Machang. Sultan Abu Bakar College, St Paul Institution, Penang Free School – all schools that produced legends in Hockey?

And talking about salaries, will Arul Selvaraj be paid the same as other local assistant coaches in the national set up, which ranges from RM3,599 to RM7,000?

Will he be considered a local or foreign or? Has he surrendered his Malaysian citizenship?

All guns point towards one direction – the National Spirts Council.

Why not the NSC be transparent and reveal just how much the allocate for the foreign legion salaries, allowances and benefits as opposed to the money being spent towards developing lesser spirts like Fencing, Snooker and Billiards, Judo, Skateboarding.,

To be frank , the salary of one foreigner could well surpass the entire development budget of the above sports.

Since we live the foreigners so much and blindly sign them up as it’s pally parky decisions between who you know in NSC, let’s throw the gauntlet at the Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

Why not we get a foreigner as the NSC Director General?

After all that institution encourages the look foreign policy right, so have the cake and eat it please.

If not then reveal just how much NSC is providing in terms of salaries or allocations to these foreigners, some only here to replenish their bank accounts or build up enough for retirement.

Let’s not get fooled tune and again .

We have enough qualified Malaysians to run sports, not get a foreigner to pay our electric or water bills.