NSC: Can you also deny NHDP coaches not paid story please

Hardly had the issue of the National Football Development Program part time coaches non payment of allowance died down, another batch of coaches are claiming they have yet to receive allowances for last year.

Renamed the National Hockey Development Program last year, these coaches from somewhat 60 odd centres say they have yet to be paid their monthly allowances for October and November last year.

They were only paid their July allowances in early February while two payments made in March was for their August and September allowances.

The program somewhat came to a standstill in January as no coaches received their appointment letters though some still carry on coaching.

Hence technically they cannot claim the allowances from the beginning of this year

The NHDP comes under the purview of the National Sports Council who was reported last near by a newspaper report to have allocated around RM700,000 each year for this program that replaced the 1MAS Hockey Development program initiated by the present King in 2011.

The coaches are paid a monthly allowance of between RM700 to RM900 depending on their grading.

Many of these coaches contacted said they were in a limbo as to when they will receive their payments.

“ We hope the NSC will look into this matter as well as the status of the program ,” said a coach who declined time be named for obvious reasons.

The NSC went well out of its was the rush payments for the NFDP coaches after Youth & Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican chided then.

And despite paying the coaches in a huff and puff on Friday, NSC got a particular media establishment conducted interviews with a few coaches to deny the claim of non payment but at the same the coaches confirmed receiving payments on Friday.

So if there was no backlog then why mention it a day before when the Sports Minister himself admitted the delay and that NSC took full blame?

Now perhaps the same media will go all out to deny this particular story as well since they cannot accept the fact that their self proclaimed expert was beaten fair and square and is in reality more fake then fakes out together!

Hence expect denials and futile PR exercises to deny this as God knows the truth.

The NSC Director General should come clean on such matters as it was the Minister himself that went in on to confirm that NSC had taken responsibility fo the late payment of allowances for the NFDP.

As a matter of FACT, NSC had even issued an ill phrased statement to a website that first broke the story, something the said media mentioned in their first story after they were beaten,

Anyway not many watch their news and in reality it’s more about promoting individuals then the sport per say.

Perhaps the NSC would want to issue another statement on this to deny that the NHDP coaches are yet to be paid the two months of outstanding allowances?

And no prizes for guessing who will air the story.

Better still do it when the NSC provides a briefing to the Honourable Minister on Monday when all the well orchestrated “ Cerita Sedap” will be fed to the Minister.

And since it has been claimed that the NFDP was fully funded from NSC coffers thus causing a financial burden on it, care they reveal the amount of sponsorship received in 2016,2017, 2018 Abd 2019 from private entities to fund the NFDP.

And hopefully the NHDP will be revived after the Covid 19 pandemic is over and the postponed launch that was scheduled due to MCO is held.

It’s always easy to deny stories of others but when another media platform runs a story and others only pick it up two days later, runs it two days later, they have the gall to term it exclusive.

God help us when the truth can never be accepted in order to please certain pied pipers.