NSC DG extension , why the silence? Task Force of Podium was a sham

Kates yesterday a press release was issued by the Ministary of Youth and Sports. .

I thought it was about the extension of the two year contract of the NSC DG, deemed to be the know it all of sports in the country and de facto sports minister.

Every sports Minister since his initial appointment in 2015 have been smitten by his charm, too the current one merely months to do so

With exception of the 2017 SEA Games which h as hosts we manipulated to the maximum, it’s been one failure after another in multi sports games.

But so good is he at shifting blame the much vaunted Podium Program was handed to him after a post mortem that reeked manipulation and well orchestrated blame.

If he is that good an administrator. kindly reveal the detailed internal audit report which his buddy the former KBS ought to have made public.

So a drama series was scripted, as the Minister deemed it necessary to name a Task Force to look into what went wrong with the multi million Podium Program.

But of course the Minister needed to “ Jaga Hati’ the great DG and renamed the task force to enhancement and not investigative.

But the findings were devastating and although the final report was submitted in September much delayed tactics were put into motion with the Special Officer playing the role of gatekeeper preventing access to the Minister

He even prevented the audit report from the ministers eyes.

So another panel within a panel was formed chaired by the KSU

But of course it took them more then a month to meet and at the sold meeting the KSU and DG NSCdid not attend.

And like the Miller and sterling reports this too will be buried in the shelf’s of KBS

The stark difference is this was a free report as as the panel was never paid for their services!

I wonder if there ever was a delay in paying the salary of the BSC DG since 2015.

The sports industry had been manipulated long enough and I dare take on the NSC DG in a public debate where no amount of his colourful charts and manipulated stats will be of use as it’s just bare facts.

Enough of this deviation of facts.

We can only hope for GE15 to come soon and a proper investigation be done

History will record the failures of 2015 to 2021 in sports.

By the way are you depending on the diver to deliver gold so much so you have the Minister having faith in videos of the past?