NSC must be muzzled

Is ts the National Sports Council trying to usurp the powers of the National Sports Associations?

Former Olympic Council of Malaysia President , the late Tan Sri Hamzah had once remarked that creating NSC via the 1971 NSC Act was the biggest mistake he did as the Law Minister as it became a monster that was ending up out of control.

And how true that prophecy had rounded out to be.

Today the NSC is holding discussions with two national sports associations purportedly to initiate a speak program to ensure the qualification of two athletes for the Olympus.

But why only these particular two and not the others ?

What’s the obsession with special programs being initiated in a haste the last three months?

First it was the project perintis in September where athletes were briefed without their association being initially present.

This program named the Peribtis Program then discussed in a group of divers that were handpicked by NSC without the prince of the national body.

Why the clandestine kind of operation? What was SK secretive that the NSA was not invited along?

If the program was towards the 2922 Asian and Commonwealth Games then why are athletes under the NSC Pelapis Program not invited while those who are almost at tail end invited.

Another so called Perintis program was then introduced in the RTT athletes stating clear objectives and guidelines towards Olympic Qualification.

While this is good but why now and not a year ago?

The path towards Olympic glory is the responsibility of the NSA together with coaches hired towards training the special bunch team f athletes.

Now if NSC picks a coach without the consent of the NSA, that means not only has NSC run foul in f the IOC Charter relating to non interference by a government agency.

In this case the coach was handpicked despite objections as the NSC drew a special program for this development ver.

Care the release accounts of just joe much is spent on this “ special project” as well or rather “ perintis” as in future more NSA’s will lose control of their sport.

NSC is actually turning out to be a Jack way f all trades but the master of none or even said to be the thorn amongst the roses”.

Accountability is necessary, not coming up with last ditch programs like what’s being done now.

NSC is like selling snow to the eskimos, surely they cannot be experts in 40 over sports.

If they indeed are experts then why are we going backwards with this leadership as opposed to his predecessors who may not have delivered olympic gold but gave us many more sweet moments in sports for us to savour instead of half baked excuses using charts like mat Salleh to impress the higher ups,

Let’s do the twist staring this afternoon .