NSC: Putting Arrifin to Head Corporate Communication is sick.

Who says that politics and sports do not mix?

In what can be considered a weird move, the new Melaka State Government decided you terminate early the contract of Arrifin Ghani, the Director of the Malacca State Sports Council.

Arrifin, a former international hockey player was on loan from the National Sports Council to Melaka for a 2 year term, ending in January 2021.

However Arrifin has been served with his orders to return to NSC by the new Melaka State Government.

But that can still be stomached compared to this.

For the NSC is now looking at placing a Arrifin as the Head of Corporate Communications!

What a bloody joke of the highest order!

An officer that has served as the Head of the Athlete Division and credited with the best ever showing in the 2010 Asian and Commonwealth Games being put in Cold Storage?

An athlete that represented the nation in Hockey, played in the highest level the Champions Trophy and at the 1989 assisted Malaysia to finish 6th by shooting 8 goals is now left to rot in the bench!

An individual that has a law degree but never put in the right place for reasons known better to the current DG who moved him from the position of Admin Director to Events Director where he was put on ice.

So Mr. Minister, can you see the politics of Malaysian Sports right before your eyes?

If the NSC Director does not want a good Officer, perhaps you could use Arrifin in your office to advise you in matters regarding sports.

Or send him to be the Chief Executive Officer at the Stadium Board which is vacant.

Or better still appoint him as the Sports Commissioner!

Ask the National Sports Association’s and many will vouch for his character and will be more then happy to have him back as head of the Athletes Division.


Simply because his ability to work with the NSA”s and not against them as practiced currently.

Sports is about inclusiveness not exclusiveness and that’s one of the traits Arrifin could bring back to NSC.

There is no doubt the Minister has to put a stop towards the marginalising of officers who are capable within NSC.

Many have often paid the price for not being in the right “ camp”.

It’s time YB Dato Seri Reezal Merican that you look seriously into this matter.

And as for Melaka, you really do not know what sports is, so it’s your loss that Arrifin is going, no thanks to a decision made without much thought.

Ask your state sports associations to vote, they all want Arrifin to stay, except for some high handed civil servants that hate sports.