Obituary; Cassian, a life remembered and cherished

It was not something one often see at funerals where death is a son bore occasion.

But this was a funeral with a mark of distinction – it was a celebration of life of the late Cassian Dominic Van Huizen.

Many may not know who Cassian was, but I got to know this youngster at the NS Padang in Seremban in the early 80’s.

He used to accompany his late father Lawrence Van Huizen in the training sessions of the various Hockey teams.

Though Cassian never madd it big in Hockey, unlike his more illustrious brothets Stanley and Stephen, Cassian did enough to represent the various NS Hockey teams and later on MBf.

A quiet bit jovial individual, Cassian succumbed to cancer at the age of 53, a relatively young age for a person who was so full of life.

He adored Liverpool and fittingly family and friends donned theLiverpool attire for Cassian’s final journey today.

The bubbly character, smiling each time I met him, the lady being at his father funeral in Seremban ,will forever live in the hearts to those who knew him well.

Pity he will not be around to see his beloved Liverpool lift the EPL trophy.

But I am sure he will join my nephew Sanjeev in heaven, looking down upon us all when the inevitable happens at Anfield as Liverpool are crowned champions and song out loud “ You will never walk alone”.

Go Cassian for you have lived your earthly live full of passion and love and as we bid you farewell, we pray that God will place you alongside him in the garden of heaven.