OCM Awards Night: A PR disaster.

One of the first things that several individuals messaged me this morning was with regards to the Olympic Council of Malaysia annual Olympian of the year awards.

Not to know who won, but mostly to ask how was it that the nations highest sporting award was not carried in the main stream media.

To be fair there was coverage, with some carrying the roll of honour and some file photos of the winners.

But this were THE awards of the year,

And the ceremony was provided its highest honour with the gracious presence of our sporting King and the ever friendly Queen.

The mere presence of His Royal Highnesses have the OCM annual dinner, where the awards are presented, a regal touch.

And this was a perfect platform for the Athletes, who through blood, sweat and tears, untold sacrifices and physical strains, brought honour and glory to our beloved nation.

Any athlete worth their salt would have wanted to be photographed with the King and this was to be their crowning glory.

Alas they would have woken up, their parents, relatives and friends alike, hoping to watch their photos basking in the limelight next to our sporting King who himself was bestowed with a special trophy.

Imagine to their dismay to see no such photos on the front or back pages of our main stream


As they say photos speak a thousand words, but this was gut wrenching.

No fault of the media though, as they have a standard operating procedure that they have to adhere to as so far as going to print is concerned.

I checked with some, one editor told me he waited till 11 for a photo but received none.

So back to the event itself and the order of the days program.

There was a delay as the opening speech was far too long and it over an other planned events.

Therefore the main event, which was to honour HRH and the Olympians of the Year were pushed back.

Why was this allowed to happen in the first place?

Does not OCM now claim that it is more professional and organised then it was in the past with the inclusion of, yes I will repeat this again – a over priced Chief Operating Officer.

And frankly the OCM President, not withstanding the lack of knowledge of the COO on media operations, could and should have consulted his all knowledgable Media Committee.

Had this been done, such an event would have been the talk of town today with colourful photos of Athletes and our loving royals in print.

And another matter that was brought to my attention was the rather poor attendance with many empty seats.

Before anyone gets barracking for this, it’s pertinent yo note that many love to confirm yet never turn up.

Food got thought – maybe it’s time to consider this for next year:

1. Make it a public event where it’s in an affordable Nevis and public could buy seats to dine with superstar athletes,

2. Invite the under privileged and orphans or homes to such events.

3. Hold the presentations foyer before any speeches that are in actual fact merely a poor attempt of “ bode king” and self praise.

4. And if you do not know or are unsure of certain things, it’s always good to ask.

And with that I hope this is taken in the right spirit, since after all it’s the season of giving.