OCM , Can I advise you?

A month has passed since the 2019 SEA Games flame was doused.

And during this period much had been debated in the media in the poor outing at the SEA Games.

There was much displeasure from the civil society and clarion calls for accountability and taking responsibility.

Just who is to initiate the post mortem into this debacle?

Yes, the Sports Minister promised to get to the root of the issue.

But true to his form, he is largely just hot air, loving the attention but does nothing.

Not that he does nothing but simply put he knows nothing, all due to the fact that he refuses to acknowledge that he is being misinformed by those surrounding him.

And the National Sports Council, the very body that is responsible for the “ missing of target” syndrome is said to be leading the post mortem.

So will it be just a “ cover up” rather then a “ post mortem”?

Which bring the question to the great travel agency called the Olympic Council Malaysia.

As the custodians of the multi sports events and the umbrella body of sports in the country, as all the national sports associations in the country, the OCM is duty bound to conduct a clear and impartial investigation into the debacle.

The OCM are responsible for the selection process of the Athletes, though it just be made clear the OCM were a mere passenger in the selection process that was dominated by the orange clad officials of NSC.

And was it not the OCM that required the NSA’s to sign the “ Aku Janji” forms that listed out the medal target of the NSA’s?

So there is a signed document that will prove who is right, the NSC or theNSA’s in existence.

Why not OCM form a truly independent panel that will analyse the documents submitted, go through the selection criteria and then make public the findings as to the flaws of the system.

Was it the selection criteria that was abused and passengers sent?

Was it a case of NSC that made a mistake in setting of the gold medal target?

Was it a card of the NSA’s that over promised the gold medals?

This shifting of blame will carry on toll the cows come home as the saying goes.

But the OCM is now rendered a toothless tiger and lacks the scrotal gumption to be decisive in making decisions that will benefit sports and rectify things that are not being done correctly.

The OCM Executive Board must realise that it has a shelf life of 14 months remaining before the next elections cycle in2021.

And from what it has done over the last 2 years, it had shown that it does not have the desired quality of individuals that deserved to be re-elected.

Some 14 sub committees. Many that have not even met regularly and lack leadership qualities.

So OCM needs to start waking up or remain in slumber mode as it is presently and let the potential candidates start planning their ouster.