OCM Constitution Dog Fight: Battle Lines Drawn

There is an old adage , winning the battle but not the war.

And those who staunchly defended the actions and formation of the Constitutional Review Task Force at the OCM Council Meeting ought yo remember that.

A hastily called for Executive Board meeting on Friday set the tone to defend and lobby at whatever cost the retaining of the Task Force that was not formed in line with the regulations,

Hence after a heavy debate, to the extent of one member of the Task Force threatening a distinguished opponent of the move with disciplinary action, the matter was then put to vote.

And the result saw 14 supporting retaining the Task Force, 9 voting against.

There are 35 full affiliates of OCM, out of which 33 were present, but only 23 voted.

So another 10 abstained.

It must be stated here that one affiliate who voted actually were represented by clerical staff while another saw an Executive Board member who happens to sit on stage voting for the national association.

This clearly shows the lack of transparency where political inclination to see through something not right prevailed over everything else,

However one good thing came out of the meeting.

It was stated, declared or made clear that there was no document prepared or no work undertaken as yet by the Task Force.

It simply means that the Committee must start totally fresh, and in other words there was total denial of the existence of the contents of the mysterious brown envelope.

So the committee will now go through line by line of the constitution and deliberate on it to get work started.

Now talking about the battle and war,

Care the proponents remember that a 2/3 majority is required to amend the constitution.

Looking at those sitting in the fence yesterday, this might see it end up as an exercise of futility.

So savour while you can as tiring meetings are in store.

And who knows some in the committee might soon lose their own NSA positions or even their NSA’s itself.