OCM Elections: The battle of the band of brothers

On August 25, the nominations for positions on the executive board on the Olympic Council of Malaysia will formally close.

Though it has been relatively quiet on the battle front, there are said to be some intriguing battles shaping up that could well be answered within the next few hours.

Utmost is the battle in the “ band of brothers”

Incumbent Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin is potentially saya d to face a challenge for the position from incumbent Deputy President Dato Seri Azim Zabidi.

Nazif was best known as the “ reluctant” Secretary in the last elections on May 9, 2018 but went on to edge the then incumbent Dato Low Beng Choo by a single vote.

Over the years he has done relatively well and the challenge by Azim is indeed a surprise.

But Azim may have his reasons in doing so and we may hear about it over the next week as voting is on September 4.

While Azim goes for a work like position, a strong candidate is aiming to replace him.

FAM President Dato Wira Hamidin Amin is contesting the Deputy President position, which he should win easily.

So what about the number one position , the President.

Incumbent Tan Sri Norza Zakaria is expected to be returned unopposed given his good track record since elected.

Norza is no longer unapproachable as he has built a PR image and shares a cordial relationship with NS’s as well as government agencies associated to sports.

His cordial approach has won many a critic over and his stability to lead us second to none.

So the Azim v Nazif battle could well split OCM after the good work, though slow, but still glued well to keep the institution intact.

Oh yes there will be a third candidate for Secretary General – Melvin Chia the President of Msian Snooker and Billiards but he is only there as an insurance should Nazif be disqualified for is problem with the taxman, so much for serving the nation.

There is talk that Beng Choo could pose a challenge for Deputy but if she does return she will most likely vie for Secretary as Hamidin is a shoo in.

The Vice Presidents position, numbering five is an open battle field with some sitting in the positions longer then the furniture at Wisma OCM, doing little but wearing coats and flashing face smiles.

Amongst the incumbents are two lady candidates who are seeking re-election.

One of them is Dato Mumtaz Jaafar, our legendary sprinter who despite not being in the nest of health has done well to run activities for women in sports and in the thick of action.

At tunes it’s worrying that she neglects her health for sports, but that’s the passion in her.

Campaigning for her started early and at the last elections she finished on the top of the pile, even beating her male counterparts.

The other incumbent I opt not to even mention the name, suffice to say my late mother will forgive me for such indiscretion, period,

The other ra said to be contesting is incumbent Tan Sri Mohd Nor Rahim, MAKAF Secretary Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad, MNCF Deputy Dato Amarjit, SRAM President Gerard Monteiro, former SRAM President Nik Razeen,

Wushu President Dato Choy Kim Fatt.

There will be others that might join in today as the field is relatively weak.

Even for the two assistant Secretary positions, no younger candidates are trying their luck with Moira Tan and Chan set to retain their positions unopposed.

Despite so many programs run like the ASMC, NOA, Msian Olympian Association, Athlete Commission , they have not been successful in churning out the next generation.

In terms of marketing, OCM cannot just depend on efforts of Norza to raise money. Just look at how sponsors have withdrawn over the past three years.

How much has any office bearer raised to fund the activities that id under their preview?

If only using funds from IOC, then why bother standing for elections as anyone can use that money.

OCM needs those who can contribute and at the same time the staff are experienced enough to run programs, enough of the days where Board members use staff for purposes of building their vote bank.

The staff have been proven to be capable and should be given responsibilities.

Oh yes the Treasurer Dato Faizal has done a relatively good job and will be unopposed.

However he needs to check on little napoleons developing within the system

Back to the “ band of brothers fight”

Is there really a necessity?

Why not use the remaining few hours to dit down and talk?

The lions den is open for lunch.