OCM: Engage me rather then climate of fear tactics

When one used to walk into the Olympic Council of Malaysia office, he / she would be greeted by smiling faces and bubbly characters, all without any fear or favour, sans any tension.

But of late there is so much stress and climate of fear that is so noticeable when making entry into the hallowed turf where FairPlay is the benchmark.

It is learnt that the staff have been warned that they are all under scrutiny for supposedly leaking out information to others, especially to this website, a figment of imagination by those who treat this as the truth.

So the climate of fear and uneasiness has set in, not because they actually did anything wrong, but the fact that they were suspects had instilled this rather uncomfortable working environment.

It’s a case of since I pay you, I get to chose your friends!

Sooner of later one can expect staff to be identified as “ traitors” to the cause and culled.

Is that not the “ modus operandi “ that was adopted at a national body we chose not to name but all are aware?

Let’s get something very straight here.

Truth and principles are two factors that I hold dear to.

Hence I need not try to prise open any information from anyone.

It all boils down to poor management of individuals and the lack of mutual respect and lack of integrity that causes things to surface.

If one has nothing to hide, then why fear what is written?

Trying to shoot the messenger is merely like child’s play, lacking in maturity and above all a cowardice approach.

So if those in seats of power really feel that they are right, engage me, come sit ant talk or reason with me, but do not use innocent bystanders as pawns.

So in reality those within the OCM top brass need not look for so called “ snitches” amongst the staff but look on their left and right shoulder as well as right in front of them.

There is no denying that the current Executive Board is fragmented, so much so that they have distrust over each other. What have they done for sports other then taking plane loads of ill prepared Athletes to SEA Games as a populist rather then practical approach.

One can safely say that they do not even trust their own shadows, so they look towards bullying staff.

Now that they have relived an individual of the Director position of the National Olympic Academy, which I made clear was contravening OCM Constitution a year ago, why not the Board actually advertise for candidates that could assume that position?

We have some 300 odd forner Olympians in our midst and it need not be only someone from the educational field.

Why not a person like Dato Seri Zolkples Embong , the Former Director General of NSC as the head of the NOA Academy?

Or even the former senior assistant of the BJSS School Kon Chen Choong?

Or for that matter a person like Ang Li Peng, a lawyer by profession and a gold medal winner at the Commonwealth Games?

There are many individuals out there that could serve OCM better.

But since this is a “ closed club” where only friends can be considered into sub committees, that is why after 18 months at the helm, the 14 or so committees within OCM are merely there in numbers.

Oh yes President, what ever happened to your high powered Media Committee where you said that annual awards will be introduced,

I do hope you will at the very least provide the Media who are covering the Manila SEA Games with apparel as practiced by other national olympic committees.

Or is it the clear and present danger’s departure of KL but taking aim with loaded middles from Tampin ( ironically its two Tampin chaos out to silence a third).

Or have these individuals forgotten the famed motto of TBSS which reads Sapientius, Fortius, Melius.