OCM Executive Board put things right on constitution Review

So finally the Olympic Council of Malaysia saw the error and rectified it at its Executive Board meeting.

From an earlier decision to form a Task Force only, this sending a wrong message, the Executive Board relented to keep the Task Force, but at the same time made sure that the formation of any Constitution Review Committee at its Executive Council meeting.

And this in in accordance with the constitution where the formation of a constitution review committee can only be done by the EC.

The Task Force will now put ip its recommendations on areas in the present constitution for consideration to the Executive Board before it is then handed over to the Constitution Review Committee

However the Constitution Review Committee is not bound to accept the recommendations put forward by the Task Force but are guided by decisions made at the Executive Council.

And that really means the entire Task Force exercise could well end up in a exercise in futility!

So why persist with the Task Force?

Probably to please someone on ego trip or to justify that two wrongs are actually one right.

Interestingly the affiliates of OCM are already concerned with the review, with talk of reducing votes from the current three to an affiliate to just one.

They are of the opinion that synch an action could lead to an abuse of the voting process and lead to vote buying, something OCM would surely want to avoid.

And there could be a possibility that the to be set up Constitution Review Committee is totally independent, represented by those in the Executive Council minus the EB or those already in the Task Force.

So in reality who won?

Well justice prevailed and no amount of justification can turn the clock back.