OCM: Is the Sec Gen being phased out?

So what do we have here?

Over the past two months one thing is becoming clearly significant at the Olympic Council of Malaysia

Slowly but surely the power and responsibility of the “ elected” Secretary General Dato Mohamad Nazifuddin Najib is being usurped by the Chief Operating Officer.

Having assumed the position on October 7, Michael Chai has slowly but surely edged out the elected official out of the decision making process.

It’s now a one man rule as the COO only takes instructions from the TOP , so there is no need for any committees in OCM really.

A highly waged, inexperienced individual, that has not produced anything significant in the OCM is calling the shots.

Imagine Media Attaches we’re appointed to the SEA Games at the 11th hour although there is a Media Committee in OCM. Wonder when they last met and what happened to their grand plans for a media night and awards ceremony?

Then it comes to distribution of equipment for the SEA Games Athletes and officials.

All shoes and attire was sent to the NSC instead of OCM at the directive of the COO and the Games Operation Manager of OCM.

So who will be responsible in terms of accountability?

Oddly some in the contingent failed to get their shoes in time for the flag handing ceremony, so much for professionalism.

Talking about responsibilities, let’s do a comparison .

In 2005, I served the OCM as a Part Timer, doing media releases and preparing their Strategic Plan under the guidance of Tan Sri Jegathesan and Dato Sieh Kok Chi.

But from what is clear today, it seems students of advance sports management courses in OCM are being roped in to help prepare this document!

It took me barely 30 days as a novice, paid peanuts, to produce the document.

Next we are in for another shocker,

In a image made available on WhatsApp, it seems that Michele has been given a B accreditation and the position of Assistant Chef De Mission.

This is totally wrong as if she is going to SEA Games, again the necessity of it given there are already 6 OCM Staff there plus hordes of NSC Officers , that have years of experience in running secretariats of multi sports events.

So what was or is the necessity to send a highly paid staff? Or is this OCM aping the government agencies on their famous “ lawatan sambil belajar”.

There is nothing to learn from the Manila SEA Games really.

And the priority should be at home for the COO as the OCM is having its annual dinner on December 19.

But wait a minute, there has yet to be a decision of who will be awarded the various IOC awards as well as inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Remember the women’s jockey team that had been overlooked for decades due to one individual who constantly objects to it?

Well it sure looks like history has repeated itself as checks with the girls revealed none have received any notification and no way the national body will formally nominate them.

Most people make plans for holidays in December but who care if they turn up or not at the dinner.

So as long as certain parities can take the bow and take credit for a grand annual dinner.

After all the proverb “ lembu punya susu, sapi Dapat nama “ is fitting.

But the all previous U turn could soon materialise, after all they can learn from the U turn specialist within the system.