OCM should not try to hide facts in comparison

So the Olympic Council of Malaysia has now opted to compare the failure of other countries to achieve their targets to justify Malaysia’s failure to reach its 70 Gold medal target.

And in doing so, it was stated that the other countries too faced similar issues that caused Malaysia to fall short.

This is indeed a sweeping statement that has not considered several important facts in trying to make the comparison.

Firstly targets are set based on the ability and qualify of the Athletes.

And when any country sets a target, it is based on comparisons in measurable sports with athletes of other countries.

How would OCM justify their argument when Vietnam and Indonesia surpassed their targets?

So how is it that despite having similar issues as Malaysia, these two nations managed more gold medals then initially targetted?

Indonesian athletes obtained 72 gold medals, exceeding the target of 60 gold medals as set by President Joko Widodo.

Indonesian athletes competed in 51 out of 56 sports staged

The results surpassed Vietnams target of 65-70 gold medals as they ended up 98 to finish second in the overall standings.

As for Singapore : they 56 gold medals and just fell short by 3 medals, unlike Malaysia who were way off by 14 gold medals.

And by the way Singapore has a total number of 666 Athletes that competed in 48 sports, compared to ours of 773 Athletes in 52 sports!

It was only Thailand that somewhat failed to reach its desired target considerably.

Thailand targetted 121 gold medals but ended up way short with 92 gold medals.

Hence how is it that OCM tried to justify something that was not factually correct.

In terms of Budget for sports, perhaps OCM would like to reveal with their side kicks NSC, just how much was put into preparing our athletes compared to the other countries.

Abd let us not even go to comparing winning medals in Olympic contested sports.

Just for fun, Singapore won 23 gold medals in Swimming.

Care to share just what our standings are in Olympic sports OCM?