OCM needs to put its foot down

The National Sports Institute are dicing with a breach of corporate governance.

And the Olympic Council of Malaysia Executive Board that meets this morning needs to determine if it is indeed an autonomous body, free of government and political interference.

The Chief Executive Officer in a letter to the OCM President on 26 November sought for the OCM to submit a new candidate for consideration as a member of the National Sports Institute Board for the period 2019 to 2021.

Section 7 (1) (I) of the NSI Act states that OCM ought to be represented by its President or his representative.

The letter goes on to say that the current representative is OCM Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin and calls upon OCM to nominate a new candidate to ensure the smooth sailing of the Institute.

However this is a new nomination from OCM for the upcoming term and it is solely their prerogative.

Unless a candidate is from outside, the autonomy of OCM ought to be respected and the choice of Nazifuddin must be honoured by the Sports Ministry .

The appointment of Board members is something that should be above board, hence the CEO of the Institute should not be sending out letters seeking a change but rightfully should come from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I.e the Secretary General of the Ministry or the Minister himself.

Secondly the OCM , in line with the Olympic Charter should be free of any political or governmental interference and can nominate anyone they desire,

And since OCM want to nominate Nazifuddin again, they are well within their rights.

There have been however instances of the Ministry, in particular the NSC appointing to its board or council those from OCM that were not nominees of OCM. But that has never been objected by OCM.

It is for the OCM Board now to decide if they back their Secretary General or bow down to further usurp his powers and authority in wake of recent events,

Another issue that the Board needs to visit is the status of its Chief Operating Officer.

Having been appointed in October, her confirmation is due soon, and the Board ought to extend the probation period given the fact that nothing substantial was achieved in this past two and a half months to warrant a confirmation,

An investigation needs to be launched with regards to the tickets fiasco and determine why it occurred.

Also with regards to the SEA Games, OCM needs to answer why officials from the NSA’s were not considered for the Secretarial duties but only three, from Silat, Athletics and a large number from OCM:MSN were sent instead, failing the 2+1+1+2 recommendation of the Special Panel of TanSri Jegathesan.

And OCM also needs to explain why was it a supporters group was given accreditation instead of tickets as before. This led to many state sports council delegations being denied of getting their accreditation.

However stranger things happened in OCM, so expect another strange decision

Ignoring facts gets me nowhere, therefore a transparent OCM will set the stage for others to follow suit.