OCM, NSC should let NSA’s Run their sports

Can a government agency or a sub committee of a non governmental sports organisation usurp the powers of duly elected office bearers of a national sports body?

That is the questions being posed with regards to the issue of traditional boat race, canoe, Table Tennis with regards to the selection of team officials and Athletes for the Manila SEA Games.

The fundamental regulation in the olympic charter is non interference towards the affairs of a sports body, be it by the government or any external party into its affairs.

But here we have a case of three Table Tennis players who were dropped by the national body that however NSC wants included into the team.

The selection or determining who represents the country is the prerogative of the national sports body and no one has the right to impose their will.

NSC must remember that they are merely a body to oversee the distribution of funding and provide assistance to sports bodies and have no locus standi towards determining who dins national colours.

And in the case of the Malaysian Canoe Association, only they have the right in deciding who the officials are.

The form for registration of the athlete or official must be signed by either the President or the Secretary of the national sports federation.

In this case the President has signed the relevant forms and made clear his choice,

So why is the Selection Committee practicing double standards?

On one hand it is denying a NSA the right to determine its Athletes and officials while on the other it still allows ice Hockey to send a team despite knowing very well that 9 players have withdrawn.

Why are they not doing the same for ice Hockey who it is learnt have asked players to raise the 50 per cent payment through WhatsApp messages when it was a clear directive from the OCM President that cried funding was not permissible?

So is the OCM going to sign the entry form for the three Table Tennis players that they replace to accommodate NSC?

Will we now see the Selection Committee renegade on being fair and just towards all sports?

Have we come to a situation where some claim to be the know all and be all for sports?

For better of worse, it is the NSA ‘ s that have the sovereign rights in their sports.

So the others please butt out.