OCM – Starting on a wrong foot

It seems as if the newly elected OCM Board do not know what time management is all about.

Invites had been sent out for a press conference to be held after their first meeting on Monday, 14 May, clearly stating that a Press Conference would be held after their first EB meeting and scheduled for approximately 12.30.

But arriving at 12.20, there was no one to be seen outside the meeting room and around 12.40 members were seen headed for lunch.

So where were the OCM staff who should have been waiting outside to guide the media? Or were they inside with the funfair?

When asked about the Press Conference, the General Manager of OCM Mr Fong said it was over. When asked why the time was not followed or not notified, he shrugged his shoulders.

And when the question was directed to the newly elected Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin Najib, the reply was “ our meeting concluded in one hour”.

But when asked why they did not stick to the original timing of the scheduled press conference, he merely responded – “ ask the President.”

Firstly if you send out a particular timing, then stick to it or at the least carry on with your lunch first and gave the PC after that. You do not need to be an Oxford graduate to figure that one out.

This sort of treatment is totally uncalled for and I strongly condemn the manner in which this was done without taking into account the limitations of the media.

Several other journalists also missed the press conference and were seen getting voice recordings from other members of the media.

This goes on to show that the high handed manner in which certain office beaters run sports organisations would eventually lead to their downfall under the new government,

It is not a case of efficiency but rather one should look at them thinking that the media is at their mercy.

I am prepared for any consequences as a result of this post, including eviction for the office I occupy for I believe that certain quarters will move for that decision next.

Suffice to say I am prepared for it for a long time as that would clearly show that the direction of the new leadership is one of vengeance rather then being open.

But I was, an and will never be intimidated by high handed ness and unjust treatment.

Yes I intend to write about the decisions made at the Board meeting where is shows failure to address key issues but rather having ” telinga nipis” by listening to one party and not deciding things with justice and FairPlay.

We shall now reveal what is the failures of the new Board, as I said no price tag for me as I never can be bought.