OCM: To whom is your allegiance COO?

It was said that OCM needed a Chief Operating Officer to ensure a professionally run outfit.

So will someone in OCM kindly explain this fiasco or blunder.

Today at 10am, a sponsorship ceremony from one of OCM’s long serving sponsors BATA/POWER was held at OCM.

And at the same time, the NSC scheduled a briefing for the Chef De Mission and the Team Managers at a hotel in Bangi.

And neither was the OCM COO present at the sponsorship ceremony or any of the appointed Chef De Mission or his two deputies.

There was no necessity for the COO to be in Bangi and to ignore her first OCM sponsorship function.

Any other officer could have attended the CDM meeting and the COO was duty bound to be at OCM to play a major role to make sure the sponsorship ceremony was run smoothly.

And between the three CDM and deputies, one could have been here but it seems they were directed by a NSC not to attend the OCM event!

And mind you, the COO owes her allegiance to OCM who is the paymaster whole all three contingent officials were appointed by the OCM Executive Board.

Why was this allowed to happen in the first place?

Who actually is in charge of the multi sports events participation ?

Has NSC used it’s muscle to push aside OCM in this case as they are holding the strings?

Is NSC the puppet masters with sports associations, sadly even OCM which is a NGO being mere puppets?

A briefing of the CDM with the team managers could have easily been moved back to the afternoon.

After all it was all in-house given the fact that one of the highly “ expensive” camps has been revived by the NSC DG who was famous for such camps in the 1990’s when he was my colleague in NSC.

Have they forgotten the 2004 Athens Olympics post mortem report that was ranked to the then Cabinet Committed on Sports that put an end to this camps?

Looking at the program for the camp will see an amateur effort as most of the sessions are just Team Building/Motivation with no specific details on speakers or presenters.

Si Minister, you were highly critical of the BTN camps as you accused it of indoctrination, any difference to what your guys are trying to do?

The very fact that the Chef De Mission and the employee of OCM turned their backs on the organisation that appointed them shows clearly their insubordination and this cannot be tolerated.

The media too was in a fix as two events simultaneously,

A case of the left hand did not know what the right hand is doing?

Or was it plain sabotage to show certain quarters as to who pulls the strings in sports in the country.

But who really cares as long as little napoleons rue the roost and personal agendas take priority,

Let the holidays begin and with that I do not mean the school holidays but the wagon loads of those heading to Manila on the pretext of supporting the contingent.