OCM – Under Scrutiny

Almost a week has passed since the OCM Executive Board Meeting held last Monday.

I had refrained from writing anything other then the poorly conducted post meeting press conference.

Since the nation is back on track after the GE14, it’s only appropriate that I return to my role to provide Check and balance.

But before all that let me make one thing crystal clear to the members of the EB that are pointing fingers at each other as to who leaked the 30 sports to be contested in Manila 2019 to me,

Now this would not be an issue but there are certain journalists that feel that they are God’s gift to journalism as they feel only they, yes only they ought to be given information first, with regards to anything that happens in Malaysian Sports.

Sorry to say that these type of sensation seeking journalists are aplenty but they fail to do leg work and one would say are “ phone “ Journalists Who sit and await stories.

I got my information from Manila and there is such a thing like technology and internet, so to the journalist stop fretting and go do homework and to the EB members, would it please you if I stop talking to all of you?

Now back to the potent stuff, the EB Meeting.

Firstly the President got things all wrong.

His opening remark was about the courtesy call by the Sports Writers Assn of Malaysia and the need for close working relationship and all that.

OCM, and I put it in record, never did have issues working with media and their current Media Officer Tony Mariadass has done well to provide information, though overzealous at tines but still there is no lack of proving info on meetings and activities.,

So a none newsworthy item was the top news of the press conference.

That followed by revealing the names of chairpersons of the various sub committees of OCM and a directive to prepare their terms of reference and so forth.

No problems with that but this is what should have been done.

1. Announce the list of chairpersons.

2. Make a ruling that only those who currently serving in NSA be considered and in exceptional cases ex internationals who can contribute

3. Allow all NSA to nominate candidates for positions as sub committee members within 2 week and not more then 2 names to be submitted for consideration

4. The terms of reference ought to be drawn up by the Secretariat.

5. Appoint the Deputy Chef De Mission for the Jakarta/Palembang Asian Games since NSC DG had rightfully withdrawn. Replace with someone from NSA in accordance with what was said

6. The need to appoint a task force to study and cone out with proposals on selection of future Chef De Missions and Deputies as well as Secretariat stars.

7. Make an executive decision on the Hotel as even on that day there was not enough ingredients for a meal to be served to guests, which reflects badly ion OCM.

8. Cone up with a plan to chart the direction of OCM.

9. Reveal if a police report was made on the poison pen letter that was circulated before the AGM,

10. Decide on the tile to be played by elder statesman Dato Sieh Kok Chi and formally announce it.

These are matters of interest to the affiliates and not by spending most of the time talking about the need to have a full time media officer.

By the way have you heard – you pay peanuts you get monkeys?

By the way I do not expect a response to this from any member of the EB, as all have been gagged, only the President can make statements, that was the directive in the first EB Meeting.

I doubt the President will find it necessary to accept these suggestions or even sit down and have a tea with me to dispel what I wrote or outline the direction

Most to most I might receive an education notice or a legal letter to withdraw what I wrote.

Till then – “ I am watching you”.