OCM: what has changed with COO asks Kok Chi.

Former Olympic Council of Malaysia Secretary Dato Sieh Kok Chi is not one who minces his words.

And when he talks. It could pierce the hearts of many like a spear.

Though he is 81, the former water polo players is honest and blunt in his remarks .

My articles of late have focussed around sports administration.

And despite being on a Chinese New Year mood, Kok Chi shot out a scud missile.

“ The main and biggest beneficiaries of sport are the administrators who are paid fat salaries to bully the Athletes,” wrote Kok Chi in a message.

“ Your articles are well written. Highly paid administrators who never played high level sports make decisions to protect their high salaries for life. How unfair.

“ I don’t call them managers or leaders because they are only brainless pen pushers.”

Another blunt remark that will jolt some who in their defence will say that Kok Chi is just jealous or does not understand that times have changed

But spare a moment and think things over.

Had it not been for the so called “ miser” Kok Chi, there would not have been a Wisma OCM.

This grand old man of sports put his life and soul into having that building.

Sadly though over the past two years it has decayed, tenantless and in a state of neglect.

And it is no secret that Kok Chi was hell bent over paying so much for a Chief Operating Officer for OCM.

And in jest, Kok Said:

“ it has been 4 months since the COO was hired, I see nothing has changed, no new policies, direction or planning, it’s status quo and there really is nothing to justify such a position.”