OCM: Why no olympic sport reps in constitution amendment committee questions Kok Chi

Former Olympic Council Malaysia Secretary General Dato Sieh Kok Chi might look like a frail old man.

But his mind is still alert and when he speaks its with no personal agenda but the good of sports.

Kol Chi has only the interest of sports on his heart.

And it was as a result of his tight reign that OCM has two buildings of pride in Jalan Hang Jebat.

Therefore whenever I receive a message from Kok Chi, it sets me thinking about his concerns, and mostly they are genuine matters.

“ Are you aware of plans to amend the OCM constitution,” wrote Kok Chi.

“ Without a single representative from an Olympic Sport NSA in the committee formed to do the changes , this makes the Committee invalid.

“ My main area of concern is on membership. All those who are ambitious and to win elections will try to make it easy to become voting members, without proper evaluation of the applicants’ qualities.

“ When that happens it will be the end of OCM. “

For those who may not know, the chairman of the constitution review committee is Dato Seri Azim Zabidi with the appointed members being Melvin from Snooker, Dr. SS Cheema, Jadadish Chandra and one Leslie from Dragon Boat .

The grand old man of OCM did not mince his words cannot s relating his experiences from the past where some attempted to manipulate things to suit their personal agenda,

“ During my time, I was very strict with memberships and admitted only two voting members, Lawn Bowls and Handball “ recalled Kok Chi.

“ Handball was a big mistake as it is a really bad NSA.

“ There is at present a provision which doesn’t allow non Olympic Sports NSAs to become voting members, a requirement of the Olympic Charter.

“ I’m worried they may throw it out. At present the following non Olympic Sports NSAs are voting members, Billiards & Snooker, Bodybuilding. Bowling Tenpin, Bowling Lawn, Cricket, Netball, Pencak Silat, Sepaktakraw, Squash, Wushu. 10 out of a total of 35.”

In lamenting on the composition, Kok Chi felt that qualified individuals who understood the Olympic Charter and its values should be included and not just pick those with legal back ground but lack of knowledge on sports and its values.

“ Actually, except for the right to vote, the powers of voting and non voting members are the same “ contends Kok Chi.

“ The other consideration is for OCM not to simply admit any NSA to be a non voting member.

“ The reason is that ‘more means less share’.

“ Since OCM’s funds are limited why should the existing members share them with non Olympic Sports NSA’s?

“ This is especially when most of OCM’s funds come from the IOC and should be for the benefits of the Olympic Sports NSAs.”

Kok Chi was particularly irked that the amendments are being pushed now, ahead of the OCM elections scheduled for next year.

He felt there was no reason for the amendments to be proposed now, not unless there is a hidden agenda behind the whole proposal.

“ I’m sure you can still remember how someone admitted the NSA of Extreme Sports of Tan Sri Darshan Singh when there is no such sport in the world” reminded Kok Chi.

“ An attempt was even made to make them a voting member just to get 3 votes.

“ That was a good lesson for me to show how dishonest some can tend to be.”