OCM: Will Norza Abd Nazif be one term President and Sec Gen?

Somewhere in 2021, most likely before April, an important election will be held.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia will be holding its AGM to elect the Executive Board for the next four year cycle.

The last elections were held in 2018, deferred by a year from 2017 due to Malaysia hosting the SEA Games.

So many will say a year is a kong time to be talking about the elections.

But when one looks at the period, it’s actually only 12 months away as the nomination process starts earlier.

Now the question is will there be changes ?

Firstly it is expected that the Secretary General position will be contested.

The incumbent, Dato Nazifuddin Najib who defeated the then hot favourite Dato Low Beng Choi by a single vote is most likely to step down.

His position is largely untenable as he has lost out on his powers and authority with the forces inclusion of a Chief Operating Officer at OCM.

Though Nazif is a person of laid back character, he nonetheless is a rather charming character but circumstances have made it difficult for him to carry out his responsibilities effectively.

The position of Secretary General is a powerful one, as seen in the past when Dato Sieh Kok Chi and Beng Choi we’re at the helm.

But in this new set up, it is the President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria that seems to be the de facto Secretary General, opting to be somewhat operating the day to day running of OCM.

While Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar was somewhat an approachable person, often regal in his outlook and character in dealing with others, Norza is rather outright and direct with his occasional outbursts.

A take of two different types of leaderships is what has set tongues wagging more then a year before the elections.

Notably Norza has failed in terms of delivering the success at multiple sports events, namely the 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2018 Jakarta SEA Games and 2019 Manila SEA Games.

The OCM has, during his tenure, given up most of its powers and authority to the NSC, rendering itself more as a process centre then a decision making body.

Realistically none of the OCM’s 14 or so odd Sub Committees have provided anything tangible despite being in the positions for the past 21 months.

Looking at OCM, it is more like it has frozen in a time wrap since 2017.

The closure of the hotel was a major blow, though it is said that a poor contract was the reason why it shut down.

But blaming the past administration, as the case of our present government, is a flimsy excuse, and this has not gone down well.

In the past the OCM Executive Board used to meet everyone month, on the first Tuesday.

But Norza changed the convention, opting to meet only once in every two months, that too on a Tuesday morning ( some say he picked that day and time as I undergo dialysis).

But when was the last Board meeting? In November and the next in FebruaryX this even this cycle was not adhered to.

So will Norza end up to be a one term President?

There is already an under current to challenge him, actually this started more then a year ago.

Many are of the opinion that Norza lacks the direction one needs for a position that actually safe guards the sports from outside , more importantly government interference.

So basically Norza has a year to correct this perception and try to retain his position, through a no contest situation.

Facing a contest itself will be a huge dent on his ego as the position of OCM President is largely akin to being king of Malaysian sports and is decided by consensus.

So Norza has a tough task ahead, either change his management and leadership style or risk going down in history as the shortest reign for a President.

The choice is his to make, as the clock ticks away.