One needs to be politically correct to be on OCM Hall of Fame

It is only proper that I tender my heartfelt apologies to the players of the 1982 Asian Games Bronze Medal winning team.

Despite deserving the honour to be inducted into the Olympic Council of Malaysia Hall of Fame.

Since the introduction of the OCM Hall of Fame, this team has been denied its due to be inducted simply because of a pressure group within OCM.

That coupled with the fact that it was this writer who time and again pushed for this team to be inducted is the most plausible reason as to why these heroines are bring denied this time , yet again.

This goes on to show that in the end bringing honour to the nation never yields the deserving results, but in the end politics rule.

It is sad that an institution such as OCM has refused to honour these girls who against all odds ended up third in Asia,

By no means an easy feat and after 38 year, yes 38 years, they are still being left out.

Each year the excuse from OCM is the same, not this year but next year and then it’s repeated.

Some of these players are already in their early 60’s and an accolade such as this would have been timely and gifting.

But I will take the lion share of the blame for the team not to be inducted.

Go induct the person who never played for the country, go induct the self praising individual who feels he is gods gift to Malaysian Sports.

Better still hang these two on the wall lah.