The Malaysian Hockey Confederation has shown that it does not understand simple instructions as evident with the organizing of a so called briefing session for its affiliates.
MHC had sent out an email last Friday to all its affiliates seeking the attendance of Presidents and secretaries to a briefing session by the Director General of the Sports commissioners Office. This briefing was to e held in Ipoh and it largely touched on constitutional matters.
However checks with the Sports Commissioner Ahmad Shapawi Ismail revealed that they never requested for such a session ad had made it clear that the Sports Commissioners Office wanted to hold a special session with affiliates of the Perak Hockey Association.
“I made it very clear that the briefing is for Perak HA affiliates and not MHC. I do not know why MHC has invited their affiliates as this is something that we want to clear with Perak HA,” clarified Shapawi.
“I have directed my officers to inform MHC of this error by them and its for them to rectify it. We have no issues to discuss with MHC affiliates as all is running fine. It is Perak HA that is of our concern.”
To make matters clear, Perak HA are currently embroiled in a situation that could even render MHC illegal and hence the Sports Commissioners Office wanted to put things right in Perak.
This comes about after a complaint was filed against Ipoh City Hockey Association and the Sports Commissioners Office had directed Perak HA to investigate and revert. The investigation rvealed that a fresh election needed to be held and it was then that the Sports Commissioners Office directed ICHA and Perak HA to do so.
However both parties ignored the directive and went about doing business as usual with Perak HA even going a step further to endore a 10 year ban on the ICHA Deputy President.
And to make matters worse, certain officials of Perak HA went on to assume positions in certain districts despite not living in the said districts, thus further compounding matters.

And finally Perak HA is the onlt MHC affiliate that has yet to merge its men’s and women’s associations, thus running foul of the HC deadline of December 31 2013.