Our greed in sports, it’s never ending

Sitting on the train on a hot Sunday afternoon, a thought struck my mind.

Remember the viral video clip of Mohamad Sabu when he joked on the situation that former Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak had put himself him with regards to the 1MDB case.

Well in case you have forgotten it went something like this….

Najib needed money for 1MDB, so the Najib in 1MDB requested the money from Najib in Ministry of Finance who in turn sought approval from the Prime Minister Najib, and it was approved by Najib, for Najib and finally went to Najib.

Now having laughed it off, let us now apply the same scenario to some individuals who hold multiple positions in different government bodies or national sports associations.

Some not only hold positions in one sports body, but also different positions in different sports bodies.

Then they also sit in the various committees of the government appointed agencies.

Not only that but they also horde the seats in the non governmental sports organisations.

And to have the icing on the cake, they then use these positions to start lobbying for positions of international bodies.

In the end, you find them neglecting the core responsibility – to either their employers , their family or the very sport that gave them a break in the first place.

Which now brings me back to what was suggested by the late Raja Ahmad Zainuddin in 2006.

He had then suggested that any individual who was holding positions in a state body as well as the national body, they should vacate the state position,

Why ? Simply because it will create a conflict of interest.

If that is not the case, as some may argue, then please ponder why athletes are not permitted to register themselves as officials?

No matter how clean thou shalt claim to be, the fact remains that there is a link that is obvious.

Besides how many chairs you want to sit in really.

Focus on the task at hand, focus on the sport that is dear to you, focus on the necessity, the relevant, forget the publicity you want to gain.

If you are good and honest, capable and madd a mark, you will always be remembered and honoured, long after you are no longer on this earth.

But greed is human nature, the difference between human and animals as the former had an appetite that always hungers for what is on another’s plate.

Remember the pun, the neighbours wife is always better looking then yours!