OCM: COO Issue: Shooting the messenger for not liking the message

We often wonder if at times there will ever be a change in mindset of sports personalities.

Last Saturday, the OCM Council met and just before that a special board meeting of the OCM Executive Board was held.

The purpose of this special board meeting was to endorse the appointment of one Michele Chai as the chosen on to assume the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer of OCM.

It was a rush job, to hold that special meeting and get the decision then to be endorsed by the Council.

As expected the Board members approved the appointment, not a whimper of curiosity as to how and who chose this individual.

At the council meeting only one leader. Nik Razeen, President is Squash had the scrotal gumption to ask questions on the appointment and seem justification.

Instead of taking cue for his quest for transparency and good governance, some went on to say Nik was upset as he wanted the position.

Nik is the current CEO of the Stadium Board Abd does a damn good job both in his career as well as his sport.

And if he was ever interested, then surely Nik would have applied for the job when it was advertised in February.

Which now brings up an interesting question?

Was Michele one of the applicants in the initial list of 59?

The president was posed that question both at the meeting and at the press conference and replied in the affirmative that she was one of the applicants.

Now before we move on, a pint to note.

Six candidates were shortlisted and interviewed in April and Michele was not amongst them, that is a fact.

And the furore of the appointment , it was left hanging.

Then head hunters were roped in and five candidates were interviewed, once again no Michele.

So where and when she applied remains ambiguous really.

Looking outside the box, let’s assume as what was told that she had actually been amongst the 59 who initially applied.

That was in February/ March.

So is the President of OCM who also is President of BAM trying to tell us that his trusted lieutenant wanted to leave BAM so early?

Mind you that BAM only decided to engage Kenny Goh from Badminton Asia in July to replace Dato Ng Chin Chai.

Murky, confused, bizarre, call it anything but put on your thinking caps and figure out factors regarding transparency, good governance and fair play.

There is no necessity to go on a charade to justify the appointment or salary scale as many are of the opinion that it was pre- meditated.

Only one question remains to be answers or is often asked.

Was this move from BAM to OCM done to ease the financial burden of the former?

If Michele is so good, and with Badminton going through a lean spell, will it not be better for her to help BAM instead of moving to OCM where they are merely known as “ travel agents” to facilitate participation of multi sports events?

And if professionalism and delivery of KPI are the key words, two questions further arise.

Was OCM not professionally run as the findings of a consultant firm Zubedy never once listed administrative or staff issues at OCM in their finds?

And if KPI is the key, why not start with half the said salary during a three month probation and pay backdated if the candidate delivers?

Will that not be a better option in the name of good governance and transparency?

Or are we merely doing lip service by using words ?

Remember with platinum payment comes platinum service, or so one had said previously…..